The server-side columns in the table are named Header, Footer, Menu, and Content; their location and approximate size are shown in figure 3.6. We will be adding web user controls to the Header, Menu, and Footer columns that will remain relatively static. Web user controls that are dynamic or based on data that is in our database will be displayed in the Content column. All of the application logic is managed by the web user controls. The names of these controls coincide with the names of the server-side columns: _header.ascx, _footer.ascx, _menu.ascx, _allcontacts.ascx, and _addcontact.ascx. Though they should be data driven in your real-world applications, the content contained in _header.ascx, _footer.ascx, and _menu.ascx is somewhat static. This design is intended to keep the overall concepts of the application simple. Because the data in these three controls will not change much, you can cache them for a fairly long period of time. This application caches them for one hour at a time, but this value could be considerably longer because items like headers, footers, and menus will not change that often; when they do change, it is usually not a mission-critical rollout. The data for our application is stored within a single SQL Server 2000 table named Contacts, shown in figure 3.7. We ll use three stored procedures to insert, delete, and retrieve data in the Contacts table: usp_ContactInsert, usp_ContactDelete, and usp_ContactsSelect.
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Arguments to commands are treated as though they were in double quotes, so variables will be expanded in that situation as well. We ll see examples of this later on.
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The fact that the domain model isn t aware of other layers (like the presentation layer) means that it can t directly inform those layers about any events that occur (for example, when a change occurs in the domain model, the GUI may need to be refreshed). Fortunately, a pattern is available to solve this kind of problem.
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Table 9.1 The font-related properties available in Silverlight and their CSS equivalents
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In this example, we see that the MouseEventArgs class provides public X and Y properties to provide the x and y coordinates associated with the MouseDown event. We ll look at a further example when we use CancelEventArgs to cancel an event in the WinPok application. Note that the order in which we set a control s properties and add it to the form s Controls collection is unimportant. For example, the following two alternatives are both acceptable:
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Pairing with a Bluetooth Device
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iPhone), and also show you how it can be done using the new Grand Central Dispatch, available only in Snow Leopard.
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PS (3) > makecert -pe -n "CN=PowerShell User" -ss MY -a sha1 ` >> -eku -iv root.pvk -ic root.cer >> Succeeded PS (4) >
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As you can see in figure 10.8, we have created a key called DBConnections, which contains a string key called ProductionCNString. This example deploys a connection string to the user s Registry that can be read by all applications. Next, we ll show how to use the File Types Editor (figure 10.9) to add custom file types to the computer to which you are deploying your application. You use the File Types Editor when you want your deployed application to understand a custom extension. For example, if you are deploying an application that reads custom files with the .xyz extension, you can configure Windows Installer to associate this extension with your application. Most retail applications, such as Microsoft Excel (.xls files) and Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf files), perform this action so that when you double-click on a file with the specified extension, the associated application launches. Clicking the Next button on the toolbar opens the User Interface Editor (figure 10.10). Using this editor allows you to customize what the user will see during setup. By default, the wizard creates Welcome, Installation Address, Confirm Installation, Progress, and Finished screens. You can easily customize the order of these screens by right-clicking on the name in the left window and then choosing Move Up or Move Down. You can also add screens that can be used to collect information from the user, such as License Agreement, Read Me, Splash Screen, and User Registration. You can even add custom screens in which you specify what data you want to collect. 280
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EXEC SplitString 'Z|X|A', '|' (Result set) A X Z
Another interesting property of the SqlException class is the Errors property. This is a collection of SqlError objects. The SqlError class includes only the SQL Server specific properties from the SqlException object that are listed in table 1. Because a batch of SQL can generate multiple SQL Server errors, an application needs to check whether multiple errors have occurred. The first error in the Errors property will always match the error in the SqlExcpetion s properties. Listing 11 is an example.
In this example, you simply denied access to any users who weren t Managers or Administrators. Logging is another example that you could easily implement in your COM+ applications. You may want to log specific data when a particular class of user performs an action and skip logging if a user isn t a member of a particular group.
When a table is created with a primary key constraint, as per the following example, a unique clustered index is automatically created on the column(s) in the primary key, unless specified otherwise.
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