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CHAPTER 7: More About Xcode
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Iterator items = channel.getChildren("item").iterator(); SimpleDateFormat rfc822_format = new SimpleDateFormat( "EEE, dd MMM yyyy hh:mm:ss z" ); while (items.hasNext()) { Element item = (Element) items.next();
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To launch the email program, tap the Mail icon on your Home screen. TIP: If you left the Mail app while viewing a particular email, list of folders, or an account, then you will be returned directly to that same location when you return to the Mail app. If you are going into your email for the first time, you may see an empty Inbox. Hit the Refresh button in the lower left corner of the window to retrieve the latest email. The iPhone will begin to check for new mail and then display the number of new messages for each account.
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Mapping test classes to code under test
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Now let s display this credential object:
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The Take method returns the first n elements in an enumeration. Here we want two elements. Sum If we want to sum the amount of memory used by the two processes, we can use another standard extension method: Sum. The Sum method can be used in place of the extension method we created, TotalMemory. Here is how to use it:
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connect with a database account. If you re using the Single-Sign-On service as an authentication vehicle, there are a few other properties that are required to describe how to connect to the SSO application:
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CHAPTER 7: Playing Music
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For threading purposes, sleeping for multiple days probably is not the best approach. Instead, the Schedule component is likely a better fit. However, for those cases where it is needed, the capability does exist. The following causes the current thread to sleep for one day, two hours, three minutes, four seconds, and five milliseconds:
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work. Of course, you could do something completely different and more useful. Maybe you could rewrite the basic query operators to improve their performance Let s make that a challenge for you. Please let us know if you can imagine ways to do that! Before moving on to our next example that shows another custom implementation of the basic query operators, we d like to point out that the mechanism we ve just demonstrated comes with a limitation that we ll explain in the next section.
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CHAPTER 15: Working with Files
A data collection set is comprised of information relating to a particular aspect of a SQL Server instance. Three system data collection sets are included with SQL Server 2008: Disk Usage, Query Statistics, and Server Activity. DISK USAGE This collection set records disk usage statistics for each database on the instance where the data collection set is located. By collecting this information on a regular basis, you can report on information such as the average data file growth per day. QUERY STATISTICS One of the limitations of DMVs such as sys.dm_exec_query_stats is that the information they contain is lost each time SQL Server restarts. The Query Statistics collection set overcomes this limitation by regularly collecting and storing this information, enabling retrospective analysis of query information such as Top N queries by CPU from any period of time in which the collection data is available. SERVER ACTIVITY In the previous chapter we spoke about setting up Performance Monitor to record counters to log files for later analysis. When enabled, this collection set does that for us automatically, enabling reporting on counter values across periods of the collected data so that we can easily compare current performance to previous points. In addition to these system collection sets, we can define custom collection sets, an example of which we ll cover a little later. The data collected by the collection sets is uploaded by the Data Collector component to the management data warehouse.
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