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One common situation that we have seen developers struggle with is wanting to use stored procedures for the dataset and still use multivalued parameters. Case in point: with this report we have an Integer parameter (EmployeeId) that maps to an integer field in the database. When we use a SQL query for our dataset, RS handles the splitting of our EmployeeId parameters into a list for the IN part of our WHERE clause. So, how do we pass a list of integers into a stored procedure You learn how in section 4.6.
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The Thread class also contains a method, Sleep, that will suspend execution of a thread for a set period of time. It accepts a parameter that indicates how long the thread should be idle, in milliseconds. This allows a thread to pause itself for a period of time.
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Using the static AddDataToScope method, a new entry is created. The first parameter is a custom tag id to identify the entry. The message shown in the Developer Dashboard is the category parameter of the entry, and the trace level is specified using an integer. The trace level corresponds to the internal Microsoft.SharePoint.Diagnostics.ULSTraceLevel enumeration. The value 15 corresponds to the Monitorable value. The last parameter contains the actual message. As of this writing, this enumeration isn t documented on MSDN, so you have to use the .NET Reflector tool to discern the actual values.
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Server Audit. Based on the marketing information alone, it might be difficult to determine which, if any, would be useful for your specific scenario. In this chapter, I will compare the features, outline their pros and cons, and try to help you to decide which solution or solutions might work best in your environment.
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But what about the log itself For example, let s look at the maximum log size.
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SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Technical Reference Guide
Inserts the month records WHILE (@StartDate <= @tempDate) BEGIN INSERT INTO @dateSet SELECT ProductCategoryID, @tempDate FROM Production.ProductCategory
Obviously no error was displayed on the console. Let s see what was written to the error file.
The ListBox class represents a list control that displays a collection as a scrollable window. A list box can support single or multiple selection of its items, and each item can display as a simple text string or a custom graphic. This class is part of the System.Windows.Forms namespace, and inherits from the ListControl class. See .NET Table 10.1 on page 316 for a list of members inherited by this class. DefaultItemHeight Public Static Fields NoMatches DrawMode ItemHeight Items MultiColumn SelectedIndices Public Properties SelectedItem SelectedItems SelectionMode Sorted TopIndex BeginUpdate ClearSelected FindString Public Methods GetSelected IndexFromPoint SetSelected DrawItem Public Events MeasureItem SelectedIndexChanged The default item height for an owner-drawn ListBox object. The value returned by ListBox methods when no matches are found during a search. Gets or sets how this list box should be drawn. Gets or sets the height of an item in the list box. Gets the collection of items to display. Gets or sets whether this list box should support multiple columns. Default is false. Gets a collection of zero-based indices for the items selected in the list box. Gets or sets the currently selected object. Gets a collection of all items selected in the list. Gets or sets how items are selected in the list box. Gets or sets whether the displayed list should be automatically sorted. Gets the index of the first visible item in the list. Prevents the control from painting its contents while items are added to the list box. Deselects all selected items in the control. Returns the index of the first item with a display value beginning with a given string. Indicates whether a specified item is selected. Returns the index of the item located at the specified coordinates. Selects or deselects a given item. Occurs when an item in an owner-drawn list box requires painting. Occurs when the size of an item in an owner-drawn list box is required. Occurs whenever a new item is selected in the list box, for both single and multiple selection boxes.
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d Properties Button:available Click to display the
CHAPTER 8: Table Views, Navigation, and Arrays
that will never lose momentum as they bounce, or even gain speed every time they bounce off of some other body. Both dynamic and static bodies have one or more shapes that determine the area the body encompasses. Most often the shape is a circle or a rectangle, but it can also be a polygon, a number of vertices forming any complex shape, or merely a straight line. The shape(s) of a body determine where other bodies and their shapes collide. And in turn, each collision generates contact points the points where the two bodies shapes intersect. These contact points can be used to play particle effects or add scratch marks at exactly the places where the bodies have collided. Dynamic bodies are animated by the physics engine through applying forces, impulses, and torque instead of setting their position and rotation directly. Modifying position and rotation directly is advised against, because physics engines make certain predictions that no longer hold true if you manually reposition bodies. Finally, bodies can be connected together by using a selection of joints, which limit the movement of connected bodies in various ways. Some joints may have motors, which for example can act as the drive wheel of a car or as friction for the joint, so that the joint tries to snap back to its original position.
Listing 13 2. Initialization of the TableSetup Class -(id) initTableWithWorld:(b2World*)world { if ((self = [super init])) { // weak reference to world for convenience world_ = world; CCSpriteBatchNode* batch = [CCSpriteBatchNode batchNodeWithFile:@"table.png"]; [self addChild:batch]; CCSprite* tableTop = [CCSprite spriteWithSpriteFrameName:@"tabletop.png"]; tableTop.position = [Helper screenCenter]; [batch addChild:tableTop]; CCSprite* tableBottom = [CCSprite spriteWithSpriteFrameName:@"tablebottom.png"]; tableBottom.position = [Helper screenCenter]; [batch addChild:tableBottom]; // create the static bodies [self createTableTopBody]; [self createTableBottomLeftBody]; [self createTableBottomRightBody]; [self createLanes]; // world is no longer needed after init: world_ = NULL; } return self; } +(id) setupTableWithWorld:(b2World*)world { return [[[self alloc] initTableWithWorld:world] autorelease]; }
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