Whether it s optimizing the speed at which testers can operate or increasing the performance of a production application, the common theme of cloud computing here is parallelization. By now, you probably know that in the world of computing performance, parallelization is king. Thanks to the work done by companies such as Intel and AMD, which now ship almost exclusively multicore chips, most consumers enjoy the same benefits scientists have had for years with supercomputers. Everything from photo manipulation to super-realistic 3D video games to software-compilation tasks has been dramatically improved through the use of parallel computing techniques. And yet when it comes to software development and testing, we re still remarkably single-threaded in the way we operate. Whether it s automated unit tests, which almost always run in sequence, or the agile-less inefficiencies that organizations unknowingly employ, such as forcing their test team to wait idle for the next release candidate to be pushed to the testing environment, the software industry has been surprisingly slow to use parallelization to improve its own internal processes. Perhaps it s because we re so maniacally dedicated to making our users have better experiences that we selflessly put off improving our own processes. Clearly the software industry understands and can take advantage of parallel computing. Ask any PlayStation or XBox game developer who routinely takes advantage of the multiple cores in those platforms. In a way, that s what s happening. But usually, the motivation is more about cost savings and corner cutting than about being customer focused. Convincing management that you should spend more time building new features is always easier than arguing for time to speed up your unit tests. Consider figure 7.4, which shows how you can augment limited internal resources (personnel and hardware alike) with cloud-based resources, all for the purpose of testing against your test environment. CPUs have been gaining more cores in recent years; many desktop-class systems now routinely ship with eight processor cores. There s an opportunity in the cloud to make a generational leap in the number of resources you can utilize in parallel. You no longer have to look within your own organization to try to achieve a 5X or 10X increase in throughput; rather, you can look to the cloud and achieve a 100X or greater throughput increase. This isn t limited to raw CPU resources, either, although that s a huge area that benefits testing. You ll find new growth in cloud-based services that employ real people to do specialized tasks on demand, paying as you go, following many of the same principles of cloud computing. Let s explore the various types of testing and see how they can be improved by using cloud-based resources in parallel.
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within a .PS1 script file, and that you d probably never type directly on the command line. But I mostly think of things like Param() blocks as window dressing. They don t do anything, but they do provide some structure and definition to our commands. Once we start adding logic and repetition, I ll admit that we ve formally moved into the world of scripting. That s not a bad thing: this isn t going to be the type of programming you d do in Visual Studio (although PowerShell can certainly accommodate pretty intense, complex scripts). We re going to keep it simple, using these scripting constructs primarily to add a little intelligence to a batch of commands.
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Holding your iPhone in Portrait (vertical) orientation gives you the image shown in Figure 18-5. We will describe the various buttons and functions shown on this screen later in this chapter.
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See Traffic
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Listing 6.4 A sample of the Search API code
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TRY IT NOW If you create a CSV file like the one I ve listed above, and name it
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Here, you use the column CREDIT_CARD_TYPE to evaluate the type. Now, let s discover the alternative to a table-per-class-hierarchy.
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The FluidMoveBehavior helps get past abrupt layout changes. It listens to the layout system, and when it finds a layout change, it smoothly animates from the old value to the new value. This is extremely useful in panels such as wrap panels where resizing may move several elements around at once. Listing 22.13 shows how to use the FluidMoveBehavior on a single element in the UI. We ll use the purple square example from the last section.
TIP: If you move your finger very slowly you can actually see the words on the backside of the page as you turn it a very cool visual effect.
Adding commands
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