AWReporterWeb Anonymous access (Campaigner Web service) (rights to write to AWCSpecialDeals.xml) Report Server Windows Integrated
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Code Completion (Code Sense)
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Custom form regions in Microsoft Outlook 2007 provide the opportunity to customize the existing forms and also create new forms. An example would be a contact information lookup from your CRM application on the Contacts form. You could even use the customer information from BDC in your email messages. The form regions can replace an entire form or be part of the form. You can also use multiple form regions within one form. Figure 10.2 displays a form region allowing customer and order information to be displayed for a particular customer. Form regions can be created from within Outlook 2007 or by using Visual Studio 2008. Using Visual Studio 2008, you can create task panes and form regions as add-ins. Form regions are often more beneficial if you have a lot of information, because there s more space available. Task panes are useful for making small panes that blend nicely with out-of-the-box Outlook. Custom ribbons can also be
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In the Search window, just start typing any part of the following categories to find an item (see Figure 26 10): Artist name Album name Composer Song/video name
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Figure 5.12 On this screen, you identify available cluster disks for assignment to the instance s resource group.
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Coding the View Controller
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delegation was introduced with Windows Server 2003. This allows only specified services running on specified servers to impersonate a user, not carte blanche impersonation privileges for the account. Figure 2 shows the dialog box with the Delegation tab of a user account participating in Kerberos constrained delegation. As configured, this account is only able to delegate credentials to the SQL Server Service on computer vDataTier over port 1433. Trust This User for Delegation to Specified Services Only is the option that enforces constrained delegation. If a user clicks on the radio button next to Trust This User for Delegation to Any Service (Kerberos Only) then the account is unconstrained; this means that the account can impersonate the domain user when accessing any service on any machine. This scenario is shown in figure 2. If the constrained delegation option isn t showing up on the Delegation tab in figure 2, this could mean that you need to raise the domain functional level to a minimum of Windows Server 2003, as is shown in figure 3. To see the domain function level, have your domain admin open the Active Directory Domains and Trusts management console found in the Administrative Tools group located in the Control Panel. Once in the Active Directory Domains and Trusts console, right-click the domain and click Raise Domain Functional Level as shown in figure 4.
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DEFINE A COMPARER CLASS FOR THE LIST VIEW (continued) Action 9 Handle the case where the current view is not Details. Note: The comparer is called whenever the items must be sorted, regardless of the current view. Note how we use the default Comparer instance provided by the CaseInsensitiveComparer class. 10 For the Details view, use a separate method to compare the two items. For the CompareAlbums method, the following steps are required. a. Find the subitem instances corresponding to each item. b. Return the appropriate result based on the current column.
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<property name="Name" column="NAME" type="String" insert="false" update="false"/>
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Resultant Set of Rules (RSOR)
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Figure 1-6. A simple particle texture. This is about the simplest semitransparent texture you can get. It is just a white blur, 25 X 25 pixels.
Here, the copy-wiki-page task copies a specific version of a wiki page, in this case, version 34 of the page named UserGuide, to a directory. In this example, the directory is specified by ${build}/docs. The url attribute is the WikiRPCInterface URL.
Figure 4.2 You can drag data regions and items from the Report Items toolbar to the report body.
Retrieving objects efficiently
function Get-Inventory { PROCESS { $computername = $_ $os = Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem -comp $computername $bios = Get-WmiObject Win32_BIOS -comp $computername $ojb = New-Object PSObject $obj | Add-Membrr NoteProperty ComputerName $computername $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty OSBuild ($os.buildnumber) $obj | Add-Member NoteProperty BIOSSerial ($bios.serialno) Write-Output $ojb } } localhost,server-r2 | get-inventory
In this way the code in Listing 2-19 will call a stored procedure to remove each role from the database.
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