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[cell.textLabelsetText:@"Hello World!"];
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The -ErrorVariable parameter
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The elements manifest file has a Module element that specifies the destination of the items. The File element identifies the source of the Web Parts control description file to upload using the Path attribute and specifies the destination using the Url attribute. If you change the name of your Web Parts control description file, you need to manually update the Path property to reflect your change. To specify properties for the file in the Web Part Gallery, you use the Property element. It s important to specify into which categories the file will be placed in the Web Part Gallery; you do this by editing the Group property. By default, Visual Studio 2010 adds files to the Custom category. You should change this setting to something related to your solution. Here, we re changing the value from Custom to My Web Parts:
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Listing 2.1 How to create a LOB system in your application definition file
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This chapter is dedicated to the production DBA, whose role, among other things, includes monitoring SQL Server instances for abnormal activity, managing the response to failure conditions, and carrying out a number of proactive maintenance tasks. In large organizations, such DBAs are typically located within, or accessible to, a command center, whose role is to perform similar tasks for all supported infrastructure and applications on a 24/7 basis. We ll begin this chapter with coverage of a range of monitoring tools including Activity Monitor, SQL Server Profiler, and Performance Monitor. With a vast range of monitoring tools available, choosing the right tool for the job is an important skill; in addition to covering how these tools are used, we ll touch on how they should not be used.
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The final example of a situation in which it may be economically advantageous to deploy in a cloud model is when you re dealing with applications that are commodities and aren t strategic to the business. Many tactical applications serve internal constituents within an organization that could be moved to a cloud deployment, resulting in savings of scarce IT resources in an organization. A classic example is backup data storage. Instead of wasting internal IT resources on maintaining a backup system, you can use a cloud-based backup service. Because this is a core competency of the company providing the cloud backup service, it can be done more efficiently and economically by them than it can be by using internal IT resources. This can free up these resources to work on projects that are generally more strategic to the business.
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Pipeline input ByValue, or why Stop-Service works
xmlDoc.Load (System.IO.Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, "Schema.xml")); XmlNamespaceManager xmlnsManager = new XmlNamespaceManager(xmlDoc.NameTable); xmlnsManager.AddNamespace("rs","http://schemas.microsoft.com _ & /sqlserver/reporting/2003/10/reportdefinition"); xmlnsManager.AddNamespace("rd", http://schemas.microsoft.com _ & /sqlserver/reporting/reportdesigner"); GenerateColumns(xmlDoc, xmlnsManager); GenerateCells (xmlDoc, xmlnsManager); UpdateDataSource(xmlDoc, xmlnsManager); xmlDoc.Save(txtRDLPath.Text); }
You can define additional collection sets that draw information from a number of different sources, using one of three collector types: T-SQL Query, SQL Trace, and Performance Counter. A fourth collector type, Query Activity, collects the same information as the Query Statistics system collection set. Creating custom collection sets requires the use of a number of stored procedures including sp_syscollector_create_collection_set and sp_syscollector_create_collection
This example shows the LINQ to XML version of UpdateUiText. It shows how using XLINQ to access the data contained within individual XML elements is incredibly simple. The first step is to create an XmlReader from the response stream. You can load that into an XElement, which represents the root element. You can then access any element or attribute by name to get its value. This is a simple example of LINQ to XML, but it can be even more powerful when used to parse larger XML structures using the query syntax. Next, let s look at using the XmlReader directly.
Pointers are variable addresses. Instead of an address such as
Consumer Connections IWebPartParameters, IEntityInstanceProvider Business Data Item Displays one item from a data source in Business Connectivity Services Assembly Class
insert into tableName (Col1, Col2) values(1,2) update tableName set Col1=1, Col2=2 where pk=1 delete from tableName where pk=1
The other way to select text requires that you touch the screen simultaneously with two fingers. This seems to work best if you are holding your iPhone with one hand and use your thumb and forefinger from your other hand to touch the screen. You can also set the iPhone down on the table and touch with a finger from both hands. 1. Touch the screen simultaneously at the beginning and end of the text you want to select. Don t worry if you cannot get the selection exactly on the first touch.
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