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To measure the availability of the e-commerce site, you need to determine whether each of these business services works properly when you try to use it. You can attempt to measure these services independently and assign an availability measure to each. Alternatively, you could define a composite business service that looked at the total availability as being able to perform each of these business services. The product of the individual availability measures would be the result for each business service measured independently. One way to define availability is as the number of successful uses of the application divided by the number of attempts to use the application: Availability = (Total # of successes) (Total # of attempts)
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Parallaxing is an effect used in 2D games to give the impression of depth, created by using layered images that move at different rates. The images in the foreground move faster relative to the images in the background. Cocos2d has a specialized node you can use to create this effect. The code to create a CCParallaxNode in Listing 5 17 is also in the ScenesAndLayers08 project.
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Tap the account you wish to adjust.
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LINQ s extension mechanisms Custom query operators The query expression pattern IQueryable and IQueryProvider LINQ to Amazon
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Now create a dialog box interface that looks something like the example depicted in Figure 3-10. (Don t worry about making it look exactly like the figure; you just need to have the same controls on a form for this example.) Table 3-1 lists the controls and their respective property settings.
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where <modifiers> is optional, and must be either an accessibility level or one of the keywords new, static, virtual, sealed, override, abstract, or extern. If unspecified, a method is assigned the default accessibility level of the containing declarative scope. Multiple complementary modifiers may be specified. <return-type> is either a valid type or the void keyword. When a type is specified, the return keyword is used to return an instance of this type as the result of the method. <member-name> is the unique name for the method.
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This line has 0 words.
If you check the box in this line, you need to select a group.
Table 8.4 Option
We get an error message explaining that the type conversion failed. We ll discuss this in more detail in chapter 3 when we talk about types. Since we ve introduced the use of quotation marks, let s see one more example. What happens if the argument you want to pass to the command starts with a dash This is where the quotes come in. Let s use write-output to print out the string "-inputobject".
5. 6.
SUPPORT EDITING OF TREE NODE LABELS (continued) Action 7 Rename the file.
Once the user has updated the values in the web part, the user clicks an Update button, which once again calls the Entity.Execute() method, passing an object array with the existing and updated values back to the database. Listing 11.8 shows the call to the helper class, passing the method instance name, LOB system instance name, and parameters.
myShort |= 0x0001;
RS provides several other options for performing management tasks:
return (0); } // main
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