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The Camera app should be on your home page usually on the first screen at the top. If you don't see it, then swipe left or right until you find it. Touch the Camera icon and the shutter of the camera opens with an animation on your screen.
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<TextBox Validation.ErrorTemplate="{StaticResource customErrorTemplate}"> <Binding Path="Title"> <Binding.ValidationRules> <ExceptionValidationRule/> </Binding.ValidationRules> </Binding> </TextBox>
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These statistics come from SQL Server and reflect the historical performance of the machine, in addition to the current and any concurrent games. In contrast, showMoney shows the game from the player s perspective:
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The Web Part zone controls have numerous properties that can be used to format the zones. Normally you shouldn t use these properties but should instead rely on the SharePoint standard layout and design. To build a page that has one zone that s horizontally oriented and two zones with vertical aligned Web Parts, as shown in figure 15.2, remove all markup in the asp:Content element named PlaceHolderMain of the Web Part page. The default markup of the Team Site Web Part page uses tables to arrange the Web Part zones, but we ll use DIV elements instead in this implementation. Listing 15.1 shows how the PlaceHolderMain should look like after you add the DIV elements and Web Part zones.
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strSheetname = "Test" Sheets(strSheetname).Select For i = 1 To ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Count ActiveSheet.QueryTables(1).Delete Next i strURL = "URL;http://Servername/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx /Foldername/ Reportname&FROMDATE=[""FROMDATE""]&TODATE=[""TODATE""]&rs:Format=CSV" 'This code assumes a sheet called DateRange that has the two necessary dates
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public void SetData(ObservableCollection<NameValuePair> data) { dataPoints = data; dataPoints.CollectionChanged += new NotifyCollectionChangedEventHandler(DataChanged); Update(); }
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The technological underpinnings of cloud computing
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Whenever you enable new features in a control, in this case enabling multiple selection in our list box, it is a good idea to review the existing functionality of the form to accommodate the new feature. In our case, what does the Properties button in the Photographs group box do when more than a single item is selected While we could display the properties of the first selected item, this seems rather arbitrary. A more logical solution might be to disable the button when multiple items are selected. This is, in fact, what we will do here. Since the Properties button will be disabled, we should probably have some other buttons that make sense when multiple items are selected. We will add three buttons. The first two will move the selected items up or down in the list as well as within the corresponding PhotoAlbum object. The third will remove the selected items from the list and the album. The steps required are shown in the following table:
USB to Dock Cable
Before we leave the data layer, let s take the opportunity to use the functionality of the Poker.Bank class to create a reporting utility class, called XmlRep. We design it so that it generates the report in XML format. This gives us the flexibility to convert the report to HTML for display in a Web browser, or to send the XML to other applications for further processing. We want the XML to look like the following:
public static WaitHandle DoSleep(int seconds) { ThreadSleeper ts = new ThreadSleeper(seconds); Thread thread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(ts.Nap)); thread.Start(); return(ts.napDone); } } class Test { public static void Main() { WaitHandle[] waits = new WaitHandle[2]; waits[0] = ThreadSleeper.DoSleep(8); waits[1] = ThreadSleeper.DoSleep(4); Console.WriteLine("Waiting for threads to finish"); WaitHandle.WaitAll(waits); Console.WriteLine("Threads finished"); } } The output is as follows: Waiting for threads to finish Napping 8 seconds Napping 4 seconds 4 second nap finished 8 second nap finished Threads finished Instead of returning a Thread, the DoSleep() function now returns a WaitHandle that will be set when the thread has completed. An array of WaitHandle is created and then is passed to WaitHandle.WaitAll() to wait for all the events to be set.
Line 10 checks to see whether there were any fonts found in the PDF. The first two lines of the result string are table headings, so you ignore those. If it contains more than two lines, you can start extracting the data from the remaining lines; otherwise, you just let the user know that no fonts were found. In line 11 you create a list that includes all the paragraphs of the result, starting from the third paragraph (paragraphs 1 and 2 are the title and underscore). Once you have the list, you loop through each font information line and pick out the information you need. Although the finished solution looks simple enough, coming up with one that will work reliably isn t always as easy, so let s look at how this one was arrived at and some of the potential traps discovered along the way. As is common for command-line tools, table-style data isn t presented as simple tab-delimited text but arranged as vertical columns designed for viewing in a monospace font on a command-line display. This sort of format is rather trickier to parse reliably because the number of spaces between each item in a table row will vary as the application tries to arrange everything into vertical columns. If you re lucky, the columns will all be fixed widths that never, ever change, in which case you can extract the bits you want using references like this: text start_position thru end_position of the_line Unfortunately, this is not always the case. For example, if a left column contains a long value, then all the remaining columns may be pushed to the right to fit it in. These sorts of issues often aren t obvious at first glance, so be careful; otherwise, you could introduce all sorts of subtle, hidden bugs into your code. Faulty code that happens to produce correct results most of the time but occasionally slips in an incorrect answer can easily often go unnoticed for a long time if it doesn t cause an actual error. In this case, testing pdffonts with a PDF file whose font names are known to be longer than 37 characters (the width of the first column) quickly shows that this approach won t be an option here. Another common way to break down these sorts of tables is to use another Unix application, awk. awk is a basic pattern-matching language for identifying and extracting sections of data from a single line. It s ideal for dealing with command-line table data where spaces appear between items but never appear inside them because it treats any number of adjoining spaces as a single divider. For example, to extract the third column from such a table, you would pipe the table data from the previous command into an awk command like this: some_command | awk '{print $3}' Alas, this won t help you either because the values in the second column of the table may often contain spaces (for example, Type 1), so a value that appears as item 3 on one line could be item 4 or 5 on the next. Still, it feels like you re getting closer to a solution, doesn t it Looking at the columns on the right, notice that they re all a lot more regular; therefore, I reckon you ll be OK if you count columns from the right instead of from the left. Using awk would be trickier here because it normally counts from left to right. However, the values in the right columns are all either numbers or words, so you should be able to get the one you want using a word -5 of... reference in AppleScript. Problem (you hope) solved! Once you ve extracted the desired yes/no value from the line s Embedded column, you can see whether it s a yes and increment the value of embedded_font_count if it is. This happens on lines 16 to 18. Finally, on line 20, the finished message is assembled and displayed.
UI Component (TextBox) Property (Text)
Ignored Ignored Ignored Meaningless Runtime blocks this message from being sent Sent when an object is about to be collected Indicates a strong reference Indicates a weak reference Triggers garbage collection Strong reference Strong reference
ExtensionManagerFactory .SetManager(myFakeManager); //create analyzer and inject stub LogAnalyzer log = Sets stub into factory class new LogAnalyzer (); for this test //Assert logic assuming extension is supported ... } } Class ExtensionManagerFactory { Private IExtensionManager customManager=null; Public IExtensionManager Create() { If(customManager!=null) Defines factory that can use return customManager; and return custom manager Return new FileExtensionManager(); } Public void SetManager(IExtensionManager mgr) { customManager = mgr; } }
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