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Returns CompanyName
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The final assert is simply a safety check for human error. Consider that you may be adding or removing stripes from the background for whatever reason but might forget to adjust the number of values you re adding to the speedFactors array. If you forget to modify the speedFactors initialization, the assert will remind you of it, instead of potentially crashing the game seemingly at random. In Figure 7 5 you can see which speed factor is applied to which stripe. Stripes with higher speed factors move faster than those with a slower speed factors, which creates the parallax effect.
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so on. If it fails to find the resource, then it throws an exception the same as the XAML version. If we don t want the code to throw an exception if it fails to find the resource, there s another version of FindResource called TryFindResource:
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CREATE DATABASE [SSISIncrementalLoad_Source] CREATE DATABASE [SSISIncrementalLoad_Dest]
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if ( ( fp = fopen( kDVDFileName, "w" ) ) == NULL ) { printf( "***ERROR: Could not write DVD file!" ); return; }
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should be included in the table. These properties aren t case-sensitive, but the shell will use whatever you type as the column headers, so you can get nicerlooking output by properly casing the property names ( CPU instead of cpu, for example). This parameter accepts wildcards, meaning you can specify * to include all properties in the table, or something like c* to include all properties starting with c. Note that the shell will still only display the properties it can fit in the table, so not every property you specify may display. This parameter is positional, so you don t have to type the parameter name, provided the property list is in the first position. Try these examples (the last one is shown in figure 8.3):
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/usr/bin/diff -ea 1.txt 2.txt
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Best practice considerations: security
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See http://www.linux-mag.com/1999-11/joy_01.html for the complete interview.
Using C in Objective-C is somewhat misleading, because Objective-C is a strict superset of the C language. You really can t use C in Objective-C, since Objective-C is C. The term is usually applied when you write code that uses C structures and calls C functions directly, instead of using Objective-C objects and messages.
Scroll down to the bottom and touch Advanced. You can also try a different port setting for the server port on this screen, such as 587, 995, or 110. If those values don t work, contact your email service provider to get a different port number and verify your settings.
.NET Table 7.1 ScrollableControl class
want to emit any validation logic with RegisterClientScriptBlock and any functions that need to run on controls as the page loads (such as setting focus to a control) with RegisterStartupScript. Our example will not run correctly by using RegisterClientScriptBlock, because it will attempt to set focus to a control that hasn t currently been output to the browser. Both the RegisterClientScriptBlock and RegisterStartupScript methods require two string parameters: Key and Script. The Key parameter is used to identify the script in the code, and the Script parameter is the actual script that you want to insert. You should use the IsClientScriptBlockRegistered function to determine whether the code has already been output to the client. Our sample page includes a method called SetFocus, shown in listing 3.4, which emits client-side script for a given control.
CHAPTER 10: Object Initialization
Else 'this takes care of Front view dblViewDirection(0) = 0 dblViewDirection(1) = -1 dblViewDirection(2) = 0 objCurrentViewport.Direction = dblViewDirection End If End If If objCurrentViewport.LowerLeftCorner(0) = 0.5 Then If objCurrentViewport.LowerLeftCorner(1) = 0 Then 'this takes care of the Right view dblViewDirection(0) = 1 dblViewDirection(1) = 0 dblViewDirection(2) = 0 objCurrentViewport.Direction = dblViewDirection Else 'this takes care of the Isometric view dblViewDirection(0) = 1 dblViewDirection(1) = -1 dblViewDirection(2) = 1 objCurrentViewport.Direction = dblViewDirection End If End If Next Set the Direction property for each viewport. This property has the following syntax: ViewportObject.Direction = ViewDirection ViewDirection is a three-element array of doubles that specifies the direction from which the drawing is viewed for that viewport. Users typically have a Top, Front, Right, and maybe an isometric view of their drawing. Each of these views has a specific set of points relative to an imaginary target point at (0, 0, 0), which defines the direction of view. Table 14-4 lists the standard views and their Direction properties. Table 14-4. Views and Their Direction Properties
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