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TRY IT NOW I haven t showed you Read-Host yet I m saving it for the next
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Earlier I used the phrase declaring a variable and now I m using the term defining. What s the difference A variable declaration is any statement that specifies a variable s name and type. The line int myInt; certainly does that. A variable definition is a declaration that causes memory to be allocated for the variable. Since the previous statement does cause memory to be allocated for myInt, it does qualify as a definition. Later in the book, you ll see some declarations that don t qualify as definitions. For now, just remember, a variable definition causes memory to be allocated.
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NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("HelpPage.xaml",UriKind.Relative));
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ADD CONTROLS TO THE CAPTIONDLG FORM (continued) Action 9 Set the tab order for the controls on the form.
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In this case, the service is communicating with three clients, each with its own unique response queue. If you stop the service, the clients will continue to run without error. However, they will block while waiting for a response from the service. Restarting the service will allow the clients to proceed and no messages will be lost. This is one of the key reliability features of the message queuing architecture. If you open the Computer Management window, found under Administrative Tools in Windows 2000, you can view the new poker message queues in the system, as in figure 5.26.
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Information Disclosure
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Finding Freelancers
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In this chapter we learned how to integrate our reports with custom code that we or someone else wrote. For simple report-specific programming logic, you can use embedded VB .NET code. When the code complexity increases or you prefer to use programming languages other than VB .NET, you can move your code to external assemblies.
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Figure 4.11 The Edit View hyperlink that enables you to configure the Business Data List Web Part. This only displays while in Edit mode of the web part page.
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The Subclassing Problem
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-t -o -LS -kR -kW -s -b -frandom -ssequential -F
unrestored log size grow on the mirror side if you are watching in Database Mirroring Monitor. Eventually it should catch up, and allow the two databases to become fully synchronized. After the databases are synchronized, you are ready to fail over from the principal to the mirror. In order to fail over seamlessly, you need to make sure that you have the correct failover partner information added to all of your application connection strings. When you are ready, you can switch to high-safety mode and fail over the database. After your expected 10 15-second outage, your applications will be running against the principal database on the new server and SAN, in the new location. Next, you can remove mirroring from the database, and you will have moved the data, with a brief outage. After you remove mirroring from the database, make sure to remove the failover partner information from all of your connection strings. Later, after you have repeated this sequence with all of your databases, you can power down the old server and SAN and move them if necessary. This general strategy can also be used to move data over longer geographic distances. As the geographic distance increases, you have to be careful about increasing network latency if you are running in high-safety mode, which will cause delays for the principal as it waits for the mirror to harden its transactions. This is much less of a problem with high-performance mode, and SQL Server 2008 also helps with log stream compression, which is helpful over high-latency WAN links. Once again, using Windows Server 2008 in combination with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition makes it much quicker and easier to prepare the mirror, because you get much better network file copy performance, you can use backup compression for your backups and restores, and you can run database mirroring in high-performance mode. In the end we were able to fail over from the old server and SAN to the new server and SAN with a single 15-second outage, which was a great success, made possible with database mirroring.
CHAPTER 4: Core iPhone Tools
Figure 10 7. The TemperatureConverter project in the repository
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