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Figure 3-1. The Select File dialog box
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Task 6-34. Modifying Gallery Names/Descriptions
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(int *) myPtr
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For sandboxed Web Part pages you need to use the WebPartPage class. You can t create custom code-behind classes for pages in the sandbox.
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void Increment(int i) { i++; } ... int i = 0; Increment(i); // i unaffected
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Task 5-5. Viewing ASP Compatibility Mode
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DropDownListContentControl web service call
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played in figure 5.
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they re relatively time-consuming, but we ll also demonstrate several interesting capabilities along the way. There are a lot of different ways to draw glassy buttons, and many of them are likely better looking than our way, but ours has the advantage of being (relatively) simple to create, scales easily, and is easy to recolor. Users of Expression Blend with some artistic talent can create some stunning effects. But we specifically want to create our effects inside Visual Studio. So, our effects are created entirely using Visual Studio. Unfortunately, the designer gives you almost zero help here you pretty much have to edit XAML directly to do this. At least XAML does have IntelliSense, so it isn t all bad. Also, the Visual Studio team has made the property editor work on items that you select in the XAML. For example, if you click a Rectangle XAML element, the property window shows its properties and allows them to be changed. The glass-button look is based on a ControlTemplate just like we used in chapter 6. To get started, let s set up a basic lozenge-shaped button by creating a ControlTemplate with a rounded rectangle (listing 8.1).
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The final tool I ll describe in this chapter is Spin Control. It has just one function to look out for conditions in running programs in which a hang occurs. It then gives an analysis which in principle allows you to see what is going wrong in your application. Once again, you need to modify the startCalculation method in Fibonacci Fun. To give us a good chance of getting a beachball (the spinning nonresponsive cursor state familiar to most Mac users), raise the number of iterations around the outer loop again, this time to 200. Then Build and Run but don t press the Run calculation button yet. Find Spin Control in /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools and start it up. The interface is unassuming (see Figure 12 20):
if (areIntsDifferent_faulty(23, 5) == YES) { // .... }
Figure 3 5. As you drag an object from the library over to the nib, if the nib can accept the dragged object, the cursor will get a green plus sign on it to indicate that fact.
Take a few minutes and see if you can remember the commands needed to use Cmd.exe to accomplish these tasks listed in table 2.1.
key of your user table consisted of USERNAME and ORGANIZATION_ID. You could add a property named OrganizationId to the User class:
recipient query 429 scenarios 428 dataset 110 accessing bound reports 468 creating 80 creating a schema 463 creating queries 85 definition 78 79 fields 82 filters 84 Dataset dialog 82, 93 dataset-bound reports 462 DataSetName property 110 111,
Here is a brief introduction to each of the main Xcode-focused topics that I ll be covering in the book.
There s no output from this command, and figure 16.6 illustrates why. "Hello" was placed into the pipeline. Before it got to Out-Default, however, it had to pass through Where-Object, which filtered out anything having a Length property of less than or equal to 10, which in this case included our poor "Hello". So our "Hello" got dropped out of the pipeline. There was nothing left in the pipeline for Out-Default, so there was nothing to pass to Out-Host, so nothing was displayed. Contrast that command with this one:
CHAPTER 5: C Basics: Variables and Operators
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