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As you start writing your own programs, you ll find yourself designing many individual functions. You might need a function that puts a form up on the screen for the user to fill out. You might need a function that takes a list of numbers as input, providing the average of those numbers in return. Whatever your needs, you will definitely be creating a lot of functions. Let s see how it s done. Our first program contained a function named main() that passed the text string "Hello, world!\n" to printf(). Our next program, hello2, captures that functionality in a new function, named SayHello().
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Getting around the screens inside the apps on your iPhone is as simple as tapping on the screen. See Figure 1 15. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tap any icon to start the app. Tap the Settings icon to start the Settings app. Touch General to see the General settings. Touch Network to see Network settings. Any switch is set by tapping it. So, next to Data Roaming, touch the OFF switch to turn it On. To go back a level in the screens, you touch the button in the upper left corner. In this case you would touch the General button to get out of the Network Settings screen.
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Will LINQ to Objects hurt the performance of my code
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Forces method call to return value
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This command retrieves a single service, named BITS (it s the Background Intelligent Transfer Service, and I like to play with it in these examples because starting and stopping it won t wreck the operating system). It pipes that service to the Stop-Service cmdlet, which attempts to stop the service. Easy enough to understand, but why, exactly, does it work Let s start by carefully examining the output of Get-Service, by piping that output to Get-Member (or its alias, Gm):
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<property name="SizeX" column="SIZEX" not-null="true"/> <property name="SizeY" column="SIZEY" not-null="true"/> </composite-element> </set>
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Speed Up Your Browser: Clear History and Cookies
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As you saw in 6, you can put a class s interface into a header file and the implementation into a .m file. But you can t split an @implementation across multiple .m files. If you have a single large class you want to split across multiple .m files, you can use categories to do the job. Take, for instance, the NSWindow class provided by the AppKit. If you look at the documentation for NSWindow, you ll find hundreds of methods. The NSWindow documentation is over 60 pages long when printed. Putting all the code for NSWindow into one file would make it huge and unwieldy for the Cocoa development team, not to mention us poor developers. If you look at the header file (which lives at /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Headers/NSWindow.h) and search for @interface , you ll see the official class interface:
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Now we re inside the for loop. Our goal is to print a single line for each number (i.e., one line each time through the for loop). If you check back to Figure 6-2, you ll notice that each line starts with the phrase
Named calculations are logical columns added to data source view tables that are built using expressions. Suppose you need to show reports with the profit margin of products. Simply right-click on the header of the Production.Product table, select New Named Calculation, and enter the information as shown in figure 7.14. Named calculations show up in the diagram as the last column in the table with a calculator icon to the left of the column name. During the wizard phase of this walkthrough, we mentioned that the wizard creates your data source view relationships based on physical keys in the database. We also mentioned that in cases where you don t have physical keys, you can create them manually. Let s add a missing relationship from the Product table to the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table.
Settings Property (Name) Text Value menuStretch S&tretch to Fit
Inheritance Syntax
Creating and Initializing the Database
- (void) draw;
Like Java, Objective-C objects can optionally override their -(void)finalize method. This message is sent to objects before being destroyed by the garbage collector. Every finalize method must send a finalize message to its superclass immediately before returning. An example -finalize method is shown in Listing 3-20. Note that finalize methods should be used only for exceptional cleanup and to provide robustness. A well-written program would not rely on the finalize method to close a file; it should have closed the file before allowing this object to become collectable. The finalize code simply protects against the possibility of leaking the resource in unusual circumstances, for example, if the file was left open following a program exception.
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