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It looks fine. Notice the use of $* in the macros. When doskey macro substitution is done, $* will be replaced by any arguments to the macro. Now let s try it.
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If that s all the control you need over your animations, then you can get pretty far using implicit animations. If you need more fine-tuning, such as being able to ensure that several animations occur in a synchronized manner, or trigger some activity when an animation completes, then you ll need something more, such as...
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If you want Site Stager to run as a Windows scheduled task, you must configure the staging profile and the scheduling feature. Install the Site Stager scheduling feature, and then create a scheduled task that runs the staging profile automatically.
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Now that you have set up your email accounts on your iPhone, it s time to take a brief tour of the Mail app. To better understand how to get around your Mail program, it helps to have a picture of how all the screens fit together (see Figure 18-2).
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Now we just need to query the keypress event object for the ASCII value of the key the visitor pressed. It s in e.charCode for Firefox and Safari but e.keyCode for Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, so either one will do for Safari! On the other hand, e.keyCode will be 0 in Firefox while e.charCode will be undefined in Internet Explorer and Opera. Since 0 and undefined are both falsy, we can grock the ASCII value of the keypress cross-browser with the expression e.charCode || e.keyCode. We will get the ASCII value from charCode in Firefox and Safari, but from keyCode in Internet Explorer and Opera. As to why things have to be so muddled, I have no idea. Let s add a letter member to the keypress event object. Then save the converted ASCII value to e.letter: function prepSkinKeys() { var sheet = document.getElementById("skin"); function swapSkinByKey(e) { if (!e) e = window.event; if (!e.target) e.target = e.srcElement;
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$dest = "$env:temp/new_bitmap.bmp"
If a player bets 5 and scores three of a kind, the player s credits increase by 20 (5 times 4). Note that a card s number is the number on the card. The non-numbered cards, jack, queen, king, and ace are given the numbers, 11, 12, 13, and 14 respectively. (An ace can also double as the bottom card in a straight to the 5; e.g., AC 2D 3D 4C 5H.) 3.1.2 A profitable video poker machine In the bottom right of the screenshot in figure 3.1, we can see statistics for the machine. These statistics are based on data collected at the end of each game and stored in SQL Server. The figures include the total amounts taken in and paid out by the machine. The differences between these two figures is the profit. The house margin is the percentage profit, while the target margin represents the machine s target profit. These figures reflect data for all games played by all players and provide an overview of profitability from the machine s perspective and not from the current player s point of view. You may be wondering about target profit. How can we set a target profit for a machine which is governed by chance We do it by implementing a payout control algorithm which continually adjusts the odds in an effort to keep the machine on target. In figure 3.1, the machine has a 25% profit goal. The delta figure is the difference between the target margin and the house margin. If delta is positive, then bias is zero. In other words, if the machine is meeting or exceeding its profit target, then no machine bias is necessary. Otherwise bias is calculated by taking the absolute value of delta and rounding it to an integer. The effect of this is that bias increases as the machine increasingly falls short of its profit goal. The bias value is used to tilt the odds back in favor of the machine, thus restoring profitability and reducing bias toward zero once again. In figure 3.1, the actual percentage profit is 17.54%, and the machine is falling 7.46% short of its 25% profit target. Therefore, bias is 7 and the machine will be harder to beat. The payout control algorithm is presented in detail in the following chapter.
Table 2.3 Content Rollup Web Parts in SharePoint Server 2010 Description Shows an RSS feed. Displays configurable popular contents for the site or site collection. Dynamically rolls up content and information and creates a view for end users.
How we currently create Windows UIs When you look at a Windows Forms application (or an MFC or ATL application, or even one written using C and doing low-level message handling) you re looking at some number of windows. If you see a dialog with some text, a text box, and a couple of buttons, you re probably looking at five windows one for the dialog, one for the text, one for the text box, and one for each of the buttons. Each of those windows is responsible for painting itself and responding to messages. Messages might be things like the mouse has moved over me or I just got focus. For some windows, such as buttons, Windows (capital W) knows what to do and automatically provides basic handling. For others that do their own things or have special behaviors (for example, a button that looks like glass), the applications are responsible for handling everything themselves. The fact that each window is responsible for painting itself is important. If you drag something over the top of the dialog and then move it, Windows doesn t remember what that dialog looked like. Instead, it sends a message to the dialog, and to each window within the dialog, telling them each to repaint themselves. The major reason why Windows works that way is that there isn t enough memory to store the bits representing each separate pixel on all the possible overlapping windows. To be consistent with this approach, when a window wants to change the way it looks, it doesn t just repaint the bit of the screen that it occupies. For example, consider what hap- Figure 1.2 To have a pens when you click a button. When the mouse is pressed, control change state, you have to force it to redraw the button has to be drawn in a depressed (or happy but itself, as with these pushed) state. Instead of painting over that bit of the screen, buttons shown before and during a click. this is more or less what happens (figure 1.2):
4.5.4 Atom identifiers
modules. The linker is responsible for connecting this module s references to the actual variable location and function address when the application is built.
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