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The TextReader and TextWriter abstract classes define how text is read and written. They allow operations on characters, lines, blocks, and so on. Two implementations of TextReader are available. The somewhat strangely named StreamWriter class is the one used for normal I/O (opening a file and reading the lines out) and operates on a Stream. The StringReader and StringWriter classes can read and write from a string.
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If you have not yet set up the plan, or the plan you purchased has not yet been activated on your iPhone, you will see a pop-up message similar to this one. If you did purchase the plan, then you may need to wait a little while for the plan to be correctly activated. If your plan has been correctly activated, you should see this screen. Tap the switch next to Internet Tethering to set it to On.
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I then said to myself: what if I look for the least common fragment of the search string To be able to determine which fragment this is, I introduced a second table as follows:
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a. Assuming this is part of a createObjectEx call
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This listing shows a page in Silverlight that responds to the KeyDown and KeyUp events. The event handlers associated with these events update the TextBlock to show the key that was used. These events are watched through the UserControl element, which is inherently a UIElement. We ll discuss this element further in section 10.5 but, for now, note how the keyboard events are attached in two different ways. In one, the KeyDown event is attached through the XAML declarative approach. The other approach uses traditional procedural code. Regardless of the method, the appropriate keyboard event handler will receive a KeyEventArgs parameter. If the user holds the key down, and his system is set up to allow key repeating (the default), multiple KeyDown events will be fired and KeyUp will only be fired when the key is released. If you want to process typing, you should process KeyDown (to capture each character) but, if you want to process keystrokes for hotkeys or similar functionality, KeyUp may be a better event to use.
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Getting Started with Pandora
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With so much data to copy, however, the Finder is bound to take longer than 120 seconds to perform this duplicate command. Figure 7-1 shows the timeout error generated by the application script running the preceding script.
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Configuring AWReportViewer You can find the AWReportViewer C# source code under the Code/AWReportViewer folder. To use the control in your web applications, reference it similarly to the way you did the ReportViewer control. Once you drag and drop the control onto an ASP.NET page, you will see some extra properties grouped under the Server-side Execution Options category, as shown in figure 11.14. The purpose of these properties is shown in table 11.2.
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Test 2
Listing 10.6 Online piecemeal restore for remaining filegroups
CLR via C# Essential .NET Refactoring Domain Driven Design Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture Extreme Programming Explained Pragmatic Unit Testing with C# Head First Design Patterns
If you set up actions in your entity as well, these will also display in the Edit Control block for the Title field. Note that, as part of our BDC entity, we configured MSN and Google Search actions so that we can search the product name in Google, as shown in figure 4.5. You can also configure connections between the Business Data Web Parts. In the next section, we ll use two web parts to demonstrate web part connections. We ll explore the Business Data Item Web Part and the Business Data Related List Web Part.
In Xcode, create a new iPhone view-based project, and call it MemoryBugs. First, add a new NSObject class, and call it TestClass (have it create the source and header files for you).
Tap Reset. Tap Reset All Settings to reset the network, keyboard, Home screen layout, and location warnings. Tap Reset to confirm in the pop-up window. Tap Erase All Content and Settings to erase everything from your iPhone. Then tap Erase to confirm in the pop-up window. Tap Reset Network Settings to clear all your Wi-Fi (and 3G) network settings. Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary to reset the spelling dictionary. Tap Reset Home Screen Layout to return to the factory layout, from when you first received your iPhone.
(not to be confused with AppleScript s own copy...to... statement) will copy the application s current selection to the clipboard. The following example copies the selection in the front Photoshop document and pastes it: tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS2" activate copy paste end tell Notice that the first command is activate. Clipboard-related operations require that the application you copy from or paste to is the frontmost application. Other applications define their own version of the copy and paste commands. The following example copies the current selection in the front document in Word 2004 to the clipboard. The command in Word is copy object, and the direct parameter is selection: tell application "Microsoft Word" copy object selection end tell Script 16-1 shows how to convert an RGB Adobe Illustrator document to a CMYK document. It does this by copying all the artwork from the current document (which is presumably RGB) and pasting it into a newly created CMYK document. Script 16-1. tell application "Illustrator CS" set selected of every page item of document 1 to true activate copy make new document with properties {color space:CMYK} paste end tell Note that in the preceding example, the script is responsible for two critical tasks: the first, on line 2, is selecting the items that need to be copied, and the second, on line 3, is activating the Illustrator application. The copy command works on the application only if it is the frontmost process.
Note: The static EventArgs.Empty property provides an empty EventArgs instance for use when calling event handlers from your code. The initial title bar is now set as part of the
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