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The name of the method being tested This
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cycle. Currently, only Silect Software has products available to help you in this area. You can find more information at www.silect.com/products/products_overview.htm.
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Figure 2.12 shows the result. As mentioned earlier, Mac OS X comes with a program called ProcessViewer that provides similar functionality but displays the information in a GUI (see figure 2.13). To use ProcessViewer, open the /Applications/Utilities folder and double-click on the ProcessViewer icon. As you can see, much of the same information is displayed, but the GUI provides access to program features through menus. Appendix B lists common UNIX commands and their Mac OS X equivalents. The information is not all-inclusive, but it will get you started.
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This line assigns the pointer variable cPtr a value of 0 (making it point to location 0 in memory) and then increments it to 1 (making it point to location 1 in memory). This code will not compile. Here s a more likely scenario:
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<statementList> while ( <pipeLine> ) { <statementList> }
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You can get many of the benefits of multiple inheritance by using other features of Objective-C, such as categories (see 12) and protocols (see 13).
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An easy way to do this is to make the delegate field private and write a couple of methods that can be used to add or remove delegates:
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PLACING IMAGES ON OUR BUTTONS We have created the buttons in our PhotoEditDlg form, and created bitmaps for these buttons within our project. The next step is to reconfigure our buttons to display these images. A button can contain both an image and text string, or only an image, or only text. For our example, we will include both the image and text on our buttons. The steps required are as follows:
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BeginFrontFigure(v) SetTextFont(text_font) SetTextSize(text_size) TextMoveTo({0, 0-dy}) DrawText(s) DrawPath("stroke") EndFrontFigure() draw w Keeping productivity gains as large as possible sometimes means making the minimal effort required to have the work done. Here you are not implementing any error checking, any user notifications, or any of the other bells and whistles you would expect for an application that you would distribute. You have just externalized the variables and added a few comments to make the program reusable later.
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BusinessDataField productField = (BusinessDataField)spListItem.Fields["Product"]; string idProductFieldName = string.Format("{0}_ID", productField.EntityName); string productIDEncoded = spListItem.GetFormattedValue(idProductFieldName); object[] productID = EntityInstanceIdEncoder.DecodeEntityInstanceId(productIDEncoded); ProductID = int.Parse(productID[0].ToString());
CHAPTER 4: GUI Components
The game needs some kind of scoring mechanism. I decided to add a simple time-lapse counter as score. I start by adding the score s Label in the init method of the GameScene class:
- (void)tableView:(UITableView*)tableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath*)indexPath { [self.navigationController pushViewController:self.predictionController animated:YES]; }
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