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While we were introducing the new language features (chapter 2) and key LINQ concepts (chapter 3), we used simple code samples. We should now be able to tackle more useful and complex real-life examples. Starting at this point, the new code samples in this book will be based on an ongoing example: LinqBooks, a personal book-cataloging system. We ll discuss the goals behind the example and review the features we expect it to implement. We ll then show you the object model and database schema we ll use throughout this book. We ll also introduce sample data we ll use to create our examples.
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Let s look at the FileCaster interface. This interface will be used by the code in our JSP pages to add, remove, and retrieve file-casts from the system. Here s how the FileCasterImpl interface implements the methods:
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Logging is not enabled. Logs unexpected errors (e.g., catching an exception from a dependency, such as WinSock). Logs expected errors, such as a user attempting an operation without sufficient privileges. Warnings do not affect MOM functionality; they do not indicate a problem with MOM so much as a problem with what a user is trying to do. Logs large amounts of data on MOM s operation (e.g., how long providers take to shut down). Generates a combined log of error, warning, info, and debug data. Debug data would normally be used by Microsoft support.
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Here we use public fields in the ProcessData class for the sake of simplicity, but properties and private fields would be better. Read on and in a few pages you ll discover how to easily use properties instead thanks to C# 3.0.
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his chapter covers Troubleshooting installation and configuration If setup was unsuccessful Upgrading from MCMS 2000 to MCMS 2002 Uninstalling MCMS 2002 MCMS 2002 Standard Edition SQL Server database issues Windows Server 2003 and MCMS 2002 Using MCMS administrative tools Site Manager Site Stager Supporting authors Dealing with Visual Studio .NET issues
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$ ps -el | awk '{ if ( $6 > (1024*10)) { print $3 } }' | grep -v PID | xargs kill
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Listing 3.6 A query expressed as static method calls
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Figure 8-2 illustrates the Circle object.
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Getting a Linetype s Handle
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Figure 7 15. The HUD window for the Mini Debugger
To reverse the route, touch the Reverse button, which is at the top between the Start and End fields. This can be useful if you re not great about reversing directions on your own or if your route uses lots of one-way streets.
Simple Errors
The Auto GridLength option automatically determines how large or small to make an element, as shown in listing 7.8. With this option, the element s size is based primarily on the content that occupies it, but other factors can also dictate the size of an element using the Auto approach.
The output will look something like Figure 10-21. If the MOM-to-MOM connector is not initialized, then the IsInitialized value will be set to 0.
Dim xml As XElement = XElement.Load("..\..\People.xml")
When you bind the TextBox to the instance of the Employee class with the simple (one message) exception-based validation code in-place, change the binding statement to validate on exceptions as shown earlier, and try to enter data that violates the rules, you ll get an experience like that shown in figure 13.2 when you tab off the field. Like almost everything else in Silverlight, the display of the validation error tooltip and the error state of the TextBox are both completely customizable by editing the control template. We ll discuss styling and control templates in chapter 23. Validation using exception code inside properties can be convenient, but it certainly doesn t look clean. It makes debugging sometimes difficult because there are exceptions on the stack. Another issue is that validation errors can only be raised when a setter is called, not in response to another action such as the changing of a value in a related field. And, truthfully, many of us just have an aversion to using exceptions for business or validation rules. Silverlight 4 introduced the IDataErrorInfo and INotifyDataErrorInfo interfaces. IDataErrorInfo, covered in the next section, was previously available in WPF, but INotifyDataErrorInfo, covered in section 13.4, is a completely new interface. These interfaces help eliminate some of the issues present with exception-based validation because they have a completely different exception-free implementation. But the same styling guidelines and error display features still apply. In addition, they offer some features, such as asynchronous validation, that would be cumbersome or impossible to implement in an exception-based model.
CHAPTER 13: Working with Contacts
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