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Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.BusinessDataAssociationWebPart
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The HTML Viewer is not enough For example, when you need to handle multivalue parameters. The parameters need to be validated before the request is submitted A good approach would be to use the HTML Viewer by default and treat the reports that require custom parameters as exceptions to the rule. This is the approach that the Report Wizard takes. Let s look at an example of a report that requires a multivalue parameter and therefore needs special attention. Dealing with multivalue parameters Let s say that the AWC Sales department has requested a report that shows the purchase orders by salesperson, date range, and order number. Figure 10.11 illustrates the Purchase Orders report. The report itself is nothing to brag about. What makes it special is that it sponsors a multivalue Employee parameter. This allows the end user to type a commaseparated list of Employee identifiers to see the purchase orders submitted by multiple salespersons.
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In the script blocks passed to ForEach-Object, such as the main Process script block typically used with the cmdlet:
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Null Coalescing Operator
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Discovering files by reading the contents of a directory is a common programming task. This is usually done to perform some action on each file in the directory, possibly recursively processing the files contained in any subdirectories of the directory as well. The former constitutes a shallow examination of the directory, while the latter is a deep examination. The three basic methods of obtaining the contents of a directory are listed in Table 11-7. -contentsOfDirectoryAtPath: returns just the immediate contents of the directory as an array of file names (not paths). -subpathsOfDirectoryAtPath: returns an array of complete paths to each file in the directory, any subdirectories of the directory, sub-subdirectories, and so on.
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Create a thread associating it with ThreadMethod datamatrix reader
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In addition to the classifications we discussed earlier, we should introduce some important concepts relative to the different classifications of clouds. Private clouds are a variant of generic cloud computing where internal data-center resources of an enterprise or organization aren t made available to the general public that is, these pooled computing resources are actually not available to any subscribing users but are instead controlled by an organization for the benefit of other members of that organization. The public clouds of providers such as Amazon and Google were originally used as private clouds by those companies for other lines of business (book retailing and internet search, respectively). If an organization has sufficient users and enough overall capacity, a private cloud implementation can behave much like a public cloud, albeit on a reduced scale. There has been a tremendous amount of capital investment in data-center resources over the past decade, and one of the important movements is the reorienting of these assets toward cloud-usage models. Hybrid clouds combine private and public clouds. You can use them in cases where the capacity of a private cloud is exhausted and excess capacity needs to be provisioned elsewhere.
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CHAPTER 1: Particle Systems: More Fun and Easier Than You Think
The first thing you do in this example is create a class variable of type SynchronizationContext. Scoping it at the class level means you ll have access to it no matter where you are in the process. Next, in the method that starts the request (we ll detail the request in the next section), you assign a reference to the current thread to the variable previously created. Then, in the callback method, you call the Post method
The variable infoPtr will act as a pointer to the new block. We ll use the variable num to read in the rating, which we ll eventually store in infoPtr->rating.
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