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A performance monitor log should be configured so that it captures at a minimum the counters listed in Table 4-1 at a 15-minute sample rate over a 7-day period.
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Tap here to get Internet Tethering setup.
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PS (21) > $f.psobject.members.add($n)
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Figure 6.4 Using the Properties window of a project item in Visual Studio, you can configure how the item is going to be deployed and to which location.
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The CEO bought you that herring, and he expects you to make good use of it.
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In many ways, a list view is a more glamorous version of a list box. Other than the fact that they are both controls, there is no relation from a class hierarchy perspective, but conceptually both present a scrollable list to the user. The ListBox class stores a collection of object instances, while the ListView class contains a collection of ListViewItem instances, which in turn contains a collection of ListViewSubItem objects. Another difference is how their contents are displayed. The ListBox control displays a string associated with each object by default, and supports an owner-drawn style to display other formats. The ListView control displays its items in one of four views represented by the View enumeration, as described by .NET Table 14.1. When the Details view is displayed, the collection of subitems appears in a configured set of ColumnHeader objects associated with the control.
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Useful system queries
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However, the behavior of an iterator in C# 2.0 or 3.0 is very specific. Instead of building a collection containing all the values and returning them all at once, an iterator returns the values one at a time. This requires less memory and allows the caller to start processing the first few values immediately, without having the complete collection ready. Let s look at a sample iterator to understand how it works. An iterator is easy to create: it s simply a method that returns an enumeration and uses yield return to provide the values.
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PSDrive providers
Lock-in isn t a big concern with RoR because, as we ve said, there are many choices of RoR vendors and probably more to come.
Displaying text
You can clearly see that the outer argument is defined as a sequence (IEnumerable<TOuter>). All we need to do to make the compiler happy is provide a new implementation of GroupJoin that accepts a single element as the outer object instead of a sequence. Listing 12.10 shows how to write this additional version of GroupJoin.
Each will bring up an additional window and the onscreen keyboard for you to type your reply, forward the Tweet, Send a Direct Message to the author, Email the Tweet, or set it as a Favorite.
Once again, compile and run the code to verify that the Load and Exit menus now work. If you feel like experimenting, modify the Enabled and Visible properties for the Exit menu to see how they change the behavior of this menu.
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