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requesting 18 response times 509 scheduling 15 sections 105 106 selecting 127 session management 15 snapshots 15 subreport 107 subscribed delivery 15 subscription 24 table 512 testing 53 textbox 107 toolbar 18, 49 type of reports 3 URL syntax 344 zooming 50 Reports folder 48 Reports menu 105 ReportServer 16 ReportServerTempDB 16, 286 ReportServerTempDB database
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The Rule and Computer Group Toggle utility is used to toggle the status of a rule group or computer group from enabled to disabled, and vice versa. Following are some examples of the parameters that you can use with this tool. RuleUtil.exe /list:[All|Computer|Rule] This set of parameters lists all computer or rule groups. Using the Computer or Rule switch allows you to filter by computer group or rule group. RuleUtil.exe /enable | disable /compgroupname | compgroupid | rulegroupname | rulegroupid:<value> This enables or disables a specified computer group or rule group. You can select the computer group or rule group to be affected using the name or the ID (GUID).
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Set the ContextMenu property for the ListBox control to this new menu. Add a Click handler for the new menu item to reverse the Checked state of this menu. When checking the menu, set the DrawMode for the Photographs list to be ownerdrawn. When unchecking the menu, set the DrawMode to its default setting. Also reset the default item height.
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After having reached the first role node, we can use the SetElement method to change the role description to the Actor. (Figure 3-12 shows the output.)
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+[NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:]
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This section discusses the basics of debugging your application. Debugging is more an art form than a science, and as such you ll need to decide what works best for you. These techniques give you a good understanding of the available tools and how to use them. The Immediate Window Use the Immediate window to display the results of statements in your code. Sometimes referred to as the Debug window, its main purpose is to display debugging information. To open the Immediate window, choose View Immediate Window or press Ctrl+G.
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