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Binding to business objects
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The NSRunLoop class is a simplistic wrapper around the Core Foundation run loop functions and types. If you want to get involved with run loops at a deeper level, possibly developing your own input sources, read the Run Loop Management section of the Threading Programming Guide.1
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title[ dvdNum ][ strlen( title[ dvdNum ] ) - 1 ] = '\0';
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Okay, we re at the finish line. Assuming your full-text engine has restarted, it should ve picked up your new, customized thesaurus file. Let s go back to a query we used earlier, slightly altered:
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Create a type converter The .NET Framework has classes and methods that allow you to convert types from one to another. The ExpandableObjectConverter class, defined in System.ComponentModel, is a base class that converts an expandable object to another representation. In
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This code snippet uses the second TakeWhile prototype, where the index of the elements of the sequence acts as a condition of the predicate function. Until the element s index is less than or equal to its own value, it is yielded. The rest of the elements will be skipped. After the Enter key is pressed the SkipWhile method is used with the same predicate condition to yield the other elements. See Figure 1-21 for the resulting output.
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On the other hand, even with a small result set, NHibernate must still do the work of adding the resulting objects of a query to the ISession cache (perhaps also the second-level cache) and manage uniqueness, and so on. Report queries give you a way to avoid the overhead of managing the ISession cache. The overhead of an NHibernate report query compared to direct SQL/ADO.NET isn t usually measurable, even in unrealistic extreme cases like loading one million objects from a local database without network latency. Report queries using projection in HQL let you specify exactly which properties you wish to retrieve. For report queries, you aren t selecting entities, but only properties or aggregated values:
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using (PhotoEditDlg dlg = new PhotoEditDlg(_album)) { if (dlg.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { // Save any changes made try { _album.Save(_album.FileName); } catch (Exception) { MessageBox.Show("Unable to save " + "changes to photos in album."); }
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Figure 5-14. The script with the added Finder statements
NHibernate now fetches all Items in a Category with a single outer join query when
Listing 5 4. Adding the NSOpenGLView as a Subview of ScreenSaverView
Exposing data with the domain service
The Mutex object is similar to the Monitor object in that it controls access of threads to regions of code. It differs in that it can control access to regions of code in different processes. This allows for robust synchronization at a process level, as well as a thread level. The examples used in this chapter relate to matrix multiplication. Matrix multiplication is the process of combining two matrices to produce a third. The number of columns in the first matrix must equal the number of rows in the second. The resulting matrix will have the same number of rows that the first matrix has and the number of the columns that the second has. Figure 8.1 shows how one matrix is multiplied by the second to produce the third. Notice that to produce the top-left cell of the result matrix, we start by multiplying the cell in the top-left in the first matrix by the top-left in the second. We then add that result to the product of the cell in the first row, second column in the first matrix times the cell in the first column, second row in the second, and so on. Matrix multiplication is being used because it is a relatively common mathematical construct used in many fields. Operations research, computer graphics, statistics, and engineering all use matrix multiplication.
What is the solution Consider how long the locks are held and how much is being locked. The default isolation level for SQL Server, READ COMMITTED, will generally only lock one row at a time when it fetches rows. Even inside a transaction, you can get different results for the same query depending on the transaction isolation level. (Only the highest transaction isolation level, serializable, will prevent other users from changing or adding rows that your query has viewed; snapshot isolation level will let your results stay constant by saving changes temporarily for your queries.) However, transaction isolation assumes that the server can discern your actions from the structure of your database. For example, consider the following:
Figure 7-24. Connecting the outlet for the Prediction Cell s labels
You can take a few precautions, however. You could filter out spaces and punctuation characters when you extract the fragments. For instance, in the email example, we could change the wordfragments function so that it does not return fragments with the period (.) and at (@) characters. You could achieve a more drastic space reduction by setting an upper limit to how many matches you save for a fragment. When you have reached this limit, you don t save any more mappings. You could even take the brutal step to throw those matches away, and if a user enters a search string with only such fragments, you tell him that he must refine his search criteria. In contrast, the space overhead of the bitmask solution is independent of the size of the column you track. Thus, it could serve better for longer columns. I see a potential problem, though: as strings get longer, more and more characters appear in the string and most bitmask values will be in the high end. Then again, Sylvain originally developed this for a varchar(255) column, and was satisfied with the outcome. In any case, if you opt to implement any of these techniques in your application, you will probably be able think of more tricks and tweaks. What you have seen here is only the beginning.
Private Sub Test() ClassTestStatic.StaticVariable = 1 ClassTestStatic.ThreadStaticVariable = 1 End Sub
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