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Regex regexLine = new Regex( // match digit or : @"( <time>(\d|\:)+)\s" + // match digit or . @"( <ip>(\d|\.)+)\s" + // match any nonwhite @"( <method>\S+)\s" + // match any nonwhite @"( <uri>\S+)\s" + // match any nonwhite @"( <status>\d+)"); // read through the lines, add an // IISLogRow for each line while ((line = stream.ReadLine()) != null) { //Console.WriteLine(line); match = regexLine.Match(line);
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If you know how many elements your array will contain, then declare it with that many elements. The following example, typical of an AutoCAD VBA application, creates a three-element array: Dim StartPoint(0 to 2) As Double This example populates each element of the array with a value: StartPoint(0) = 0 StartPoint(1) = 0 StartPoint(2) = 0
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Managing the web page from managed code
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This time, the page logic is coded in C#. ASP.NET is a first-class citizen of the .NET world and ASP.NET applications can be coded in C# or any other .NET language. Code is fully compiled when the page is requested and is cached for reuse. In other words, server-side VBScript is obsolete. Note the <%@ Import Namespace="..."%> directive at the top of the file. This is similar to C# s using statement. It allows you to import .NET namespaces and use the full power of the .NET Framework in your ASP.NET applications.
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In this chapter you learned several tricks to make an effective parallax scrolling background. Not only did you learn to scroll the background infinitely and without flickering edges, but you also learned how to properly separate the parallax layers so that Zwoptex can cut down on any unnecessary transparent areas while keeping the image s offset so you don t have to fumble with positioning the parallax layers. The downside to this approach is that it is specific to a certain screen resolution. If you wanted to create an iPad version, for example, you could use the same process, except you d have to create the image at a 1024 768 resolution. I ll leave that up to you as an exercise.
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Framework services
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Alerting the user with Notification toast
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You have a few options for selecting recipients, depending on whether the person is in your Contact List on your iPhone: Option 1: Type a few letters of someone s first name; hit the Space key, and then type a few letters of that person s last name. The person s name should appear in the list; tap that person s name to select that contact.
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Dequeuing Notifications
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System.Collections.Generic.List<T> System.Collections.Generic.LinkedList<T> System.Collections.Generic.Queue<T> System.Collections.Generic.Stack<T> System.Collections.Generic.HashSet<T> System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection<T> System.ComponentModel.BindingList<T>
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Use TransactionScope to roll back
1. Use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel and launch the MCMS 2002 setup program. 2. During the installation process, select Custom installation. 3. Clear all selections except Site Stager. 4. Complete the installation.
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