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Objective-C and Cocoa help programmers write better software by embodying many common and useful design patterns. Design patterns are proven methods for building better and more reliable programs, and are important to understand when developing Cocoa programs. Over the years, software engineers have developed many commercial software systems some very good, others not so good. The good ones succeed for many reasons, including experienced management teams, reasonable schedules, stable software development practices, and solid software designs based on proven models. Conversely, unsuccessful projects exhibit the inverse of many of these traits. Many would argue that when you develop new systems, you should base them on the best designs of successful projects. Moreover, if the system is designed right, you can reuse parts of the system in future systems, thereby decreasing overall development time and risk for future projects. When building new systems, there s a real difference between theory and practice. For example, how many times have you developed a system that iteratively collects data, transforms it in some way, and displays the transformed data, possibly in various formats What if each time you developed a program that required this functionality, your design was different This process would result in constantly reinventing the wheel and writing code that was not reusable in other projects, and would be a real waste of your time and your company s money. To address these issues, design patterns decouple the design from the domain and let you use a set of the most useful, general, and applicable designs as a basis for new software:
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Using the Graphical Query Designer Figure 3.14 shows the Sales by Territory dataset open in the Reporting Services Graphical Query Designer. You may be familiar with the Graphical Query Designer because it is the same one that SQL Server Enterprise Manager, VS .NET, and a plethora of other development tools use. It makes authoring complex SQL statements a 85
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<set name="Items" lazy="true" table="CATEGORY_ITEMS"> <key column="CATEGORY_ID"/> <composite-element class="CategorizedItem"> <parent name="Category"/> <many-to-one name="Item" class="Item" column="ITEM_ID" not-null="true"/> <property name="Username" column="USERNAME" not-null="true"/> <property name="DateAdded" column="DATE_ADDED" not-null="true"/> </composite-element> </set>
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Configuration DebugLocal Release Production
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To return to the map, we just touch the lower right corner of the screen.
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It is not necessary to retrieve all of the parameters before calling va_end(). Calling va_arg() for more parameter values than were passed is unpredictable and should be avoided.
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We used the Scale transform to flip over our text. WPF supports a number of different transforms, and they can be used against most elements. Table 8.1 shows the effects of the different transforms supported by WPF. In each case, the gray A shows the original position of the transform. There are two additional transforms: TransformGroup, which allows for multiple transforms to be combined, and MatrixTransform, which lets you do more advanced
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Figure 30 19. The Genius feature successfully turned on in iTunes.
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Public Properties
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Instead of specifying an OnClick attribute, you can, if you prefer, assign an event handler by overriding the OnLoad method and using the delegate approach seen in our Windows Forms examples:
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Database audit specifications
static private void InitDefaultDir() { if (_defaultDir == null) { _defaultDir == Environment.GetFolderPath( Environment.SpecialFolder.Personal); _defaultDir += @"\Albums"; }
Task 6-27. Copying/Moving Resource Galleries
You can also evict all elements of a certain class or evict only a particular collection role:
But since the code for initializing the enemies is a bit more complex, I extracted it into its own method, as shown in Listing 8 7.
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