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The Poker.SimpleMachine class Listing 3.3 presents a class called SimpleMachine which represents a simple poker machine with the ability to deal and draw hands.
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As we added these files to our project in Visual Studio .NET, for each ASPX and ASCX, there is a corresponding RESX and VB (or CS) file. When you are doing an XCOPY deployment, you only need to copy each ASPX and ASCX without its corresponding RESX and VB or CS files along with the bin and Web References directories. The reason that you don t have to deploy the resource and source code files is that they are compiled inside the DLL for the web application, which is stored in the bin directory. For our example, let s deploy our application using the XCOPY method. First, create a directory inside your Inetpub directory called Deployed that will hold your deployed application files. Now you re ready to start the XCOPY process. Once the application has been deployed, your directory structure should look similar to figure 10.3. At this point, all you need to do is create the application from within IIS. XCOPY deployments work in this scenario because you can simply drag and drop files from development to production with immediate updates. However, if you need to register COM components, create COM+ applications, install managed assemblies into the GAC, and so forth, then XCOPY might not be the best choice and you should look at one of the other, more complex options.
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If Me.productCategoryID <> productCategoryID Then The array holds Me.productCategoryID = productCategoryID sales data per bNewSeries = True product category Array.Clear(forecastedSet, 0, forecastedSet.Length - 1) End If Dim i = DateDiff(DateInterval.Month, startDate , orderDate)
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So far we ve seen a variety of situations where collections of expressions or statements have been grouped together. We ve even used these grouping constructs in string expansions back in chapter 3. Now we ll look at them in more detail. In fact, there are three ways of grouping expressions in PowerShell, as shown in table 5.3.
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Common Web Part properties
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Note NSExceptionHandler will process an exception before the finally block of your code executes.
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For example, if you re watching an HD video on your client and suddenly you start a CPUintensive process such as a large compile, rather than drop frames, Smooth Streaming detects the condition and lowers the quality of the video (lowers the bit rate, which typically means a lower resolution) so your viewing sessions continues uninterrupted. Similarly, if you re watching an HD video and someone in your house starts a large download, effectively taking up a large portion of your internet bandwidth, Smooth Streaming will adapt to that as well, lowering the bit rate to fit into the available bandwidth. Finally, Smooth Streaming supports simplified caching of content, as the individual chunks are individual files, easily cached using standard HTTP file caching mechanisms. The caches need not know anything about media formats; the bits are just files. For the same reasons, proxies work just as well, requiring no special open ports or knowledge of the formats. Smooth Streaming delivers small content fragments (about two to four seconds worth of video) to the client, and verifies (with the help of Silverlight) that the content all arrived on time and played at the expected quality level. If a fragment doesn t meet these requirements due to bandwidth or processor restrictions, the next fragment will be delivered at a lower quality level. If the conditions were favorable, the next fragment will be delivered at the same or higher quality level. Similarly, if the video is available in 1080p HD, but the user is watching it on a display at 720p resolution, Smooth Streaming will send down only the 720p size chunks, saving bandwidth and processing time. On the server, this requires that the videos be encoded to several different formats. IIS Smooth Streaming keeps all the chunks for a given format in a single MP4 file, but
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The output from the HelloServiceSt service
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Is it a bad thing to write anemic domain models
Here s the explanation I would come up with:
Listing 17 Viewing the before and after image of each key row
<Canvas.Triggers> <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Canvas.Loaded"> <!-- Insert Actions here --> </EventTrigger> </Canvas.Triggers>
Setting Up Folder Actions Events
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