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PS (10) > $intList[2].gettype().FullName System.Int32
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Where the Future Was Made Yesterday
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If you re using the Express version of Visual Studio, this combo box isn t shown, but you can still change the target platform in the Project Properties page.
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to print out a string in color. You can also get input from the user. To read a line from the console, use the ReadLine() method:
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AppleScript programming
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Since CVS and other source code control systems can be configured to send email on each change, you can use an email-to-blog program to post changes to a blog server, where they are made available in newsfeed form. Figure 21.7 illustrates this technique.
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Specifying a User-Supplied Date
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After adding a list of superheroes, test your interface by selecting File Simulate Interface from the menu, or by pressing R. You ll see your window appear, and you can verify that the items you created for the combo box appear when you click on it. When you re done, press Q to return to Interface Builder.
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Distributed Notifications
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private ObservableCollection<PageDirectory> wikiDirectories; public ObservableCollection<PageDirectory> Directories { get { return wikiDirectories; } } private PageDirectory currentDirectory; public PageDirectory CurrentDirectory Currently selected { directory get { return currentDirectory; } set { currentDirectory = value; NotifyPropertyChanged("CurrentDirectory"); } } Adds new page
CHAPTER 21: iPhone Photography
resultsField will be connected to a read-only NSTextField. When in read-only mode,
At this point, we should mention NSUndoManager, which handles undo/redo support in Cocoa. You may have noticed that the actions you perform in ColorMix (really just changing colors) are all undoable, and redoable, via items in the Edit menu. Also, you may have noticed that these undo and redo actions are document-specific; making changes and undoing them in one document is completely separate from whatever happens in other documents. What s probably not so clear, however, is just what s enabling that functionality; we haven t written any code to deal with undo and redo, and yet there it is. The short answer is this: in a Core Data application, basic undo/redo typically is taken care of for you, and you don t have to do anything. The managed object context that deals with the model objects is able to notice when an object is edited, and add an inverse operation to the undo stack. The upshot of this is that, for most modern Cocoa apps, you get undo and redo for free. However, this is a book about programming, not about listing cool features of the frameworks. At the very least, you need to know a bit about how the underlying pieces work, so you have some idea where to tweak things if necessary. So, here s a crash course in how undo/redo support works in Cocoa, and how Core Data and NSDocument conspire to make it work automatically.
Listing 20.13 builds on our previous code, refactoring some things out to class-level variables, and adding in some new code. In addition to refactoring the CaptureSource out to class level, I added a new ObservableCollection of ImageSource B to the class members. This will be used as the items source for the ListBox C to support the binding of images using the DataTemplate. The majority of the code inside Capture_Click is the same as what we ve built so far. I included the LINQ method D for obtaining the highest resolution, as we saw in previous examples. Toward the end of the method, before starting the webcam capture, I added an event handler E to add the captured image to the ObservableCollection B. This image is a WriteableBitmap (covered in chapter 21) so we could do additional manipulation with it if we wanted. Finally, the button click handler for the snapshot button calls the CaptureImageAsync method F of the capture source. With that code in place, our webcam display app can now capture stills alongside displaying the output from the webcam. In theory, you could treat those stills like individual frames in a video, but a better way to access the frame data is to use a custom VideoSink.
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