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When working with real numbers of more than a few digits, AppleScript displays the numbers using exponential notation, instead of their normal form. The number 10000.0, for instance, will be displayed as 1.0E+4. See the Working with Real Big Numbers section in this chapter for an explanation of how to decipher the exponential notation code.
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In this example, we have redundancy for illustration purposes. We use the RequiredFieldValidator to ensure that the user makes an entry in the ageTextBox, while the RegularExpressionValidator requires the entry to consist of 1 to 3 digits:
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protected override void OnActivated(EventArgs e) { // Update toggle button if required if (_dlgPixel == null || _dlgPixel.IsDisposed) { AssignPixelToggle(false); } else AssignPixelToggle(_dlgPixel.Visible); base.OnActivated(e); }
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Figure 2.11 The AW Ad Hoc Reporter allows you to create simple ad hoc reports by generating the report definition file.
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We re pretty sure that you re eager to start using LINQ for real development now that you have some knowledge about it and have practiced with several examples. When you write LINQ code on your own, you ll likely encounter some problems that weren t covered in the usual examples. The short code samples used in the official documentation, on the Internet, or even in the previous chapters of this book focus on small tasks. They help you to get a grip on the technology but do not address everyday LINQ programming and the potential difficulties that come with it. In this section, we show you some common scenarios for LINQ to Objects and provide solutions to get you up-to-speed faster with LINQ application programming. We start by showing how to query nongeneric collections. We then demonstrate how to group by multiple criteria in queries. We also give you an introduction to dynamic and parameterized queries. Finally, we finish the section with a demonstration of a fictitious flavor of LINQ named LINQ to Text Files, which shows how LINQ to Objects is powerful enough to work with many data sources without needing a specific flavor for each kind of data source.
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private void txtCaption_KeyPress(object sender, KeyPressEventArgs e) {
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num = infoPtr->rating; fprintf( fp, "%d\n", num ); }
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We re adding a namespace to reference our local code b as you might expect. Also, we ve added a handler for the Loaded event because we need to do some initialization. As we said, the UI is a two-column Grid c with a DockPanel d on the lefthand side, which contains a ComboBox for the type of graph (although we re only worrying about column graphs for now) and a GroupBox e for the Add a value controls. We ve used drag-and-drop to add a Grid to the GroupBox, and then to position the controls. This is part of the reason why the XAML is so verbose.
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Next, we add the referenced assemblies, as you would typically do when working with code projects inside the VS.NET IDE. Then, we instruct the code compiler to put the dynamically generated assembly in memory as opposed to on the disk Next, we include the namespaces we need for the purposes of the parameter validation logic. In order for the .NET Common Language Runtime to be able to execute a piece of code, it must be defined inside a type. For this reason, we create a class called ParameterValidator and define it inside a namespace called AWC.Reporter.Win. Then, we compile the code and store its intermediate language in memory. Next, we instantiate the temporary assembly. We reflect on it to execute the EvalParameters function. The EvalParameters function returns a Boolean value that represents the validation outcome: true, if the validation has succeeded, or false otherwise. For example, if you enter a start date that is greater than the end date, the EvalParameters function displays an error message and returns false. As you can see, dynamic code execution adds a lot of flexibility when you need to add ad hoc custom business rules to your applications.
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NSMutableArray *array; array = [NSMutabelArray arrayWithCapacity: 17]; // count: 1, autoreleased // use the array arrayWithCapacity: is not alloc, new, or copy, so you can assume that the object being
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See http://msmvps.com/blogs/jon.skeet/archive/2005/10/02/68712.aspx.
One thing you want to avoid when traveling is returning home to an unusually high voice or data roaming charge phone bill. For example, we have heard of people who returned home after a trip abroad to find a phone bill totaling $1,000 or more in a single month s data and voice roaming charges. Here we show you how to take steps before, during, and after your trip to help avoid surprise charges. There are a few simple steps you can take before you leave to ensure that your iPhone will successfully and economically connect to the local country s network no matter where you might be in the world.
12.1.5 Browser definition files Since version 2.0 of ASP.NET, the ASP.NET runtime has used a file called the browser definition file, by default named compat.browser in SharePoint, to determine the capabilities of browsers and devices. For instance, this file might specify whether the device is a mobile device, whether it supports JavaScript, or whether it can initialize a phone call. When ASP.NET receives a request, it uses the user agent information in the header of the request to look up the browser specifics in the .browser file. The .browser file exists in the App_Browser folder of each web application, and you can configure it with new devices and capabilities to fit your needs. The .browser file is an XML file that consists of browser elements that correspond to a specific platform, browser, or browser version. For instance, the iPod Safari browser is defined like this:
PS (1) > $au=$du=$su=0
Note AutoCAD 2006 does not support saving menu groups.
Take a close look at the commands I added for both SQL Server and Active Directory. Notice anything special about the commands names Most PowerShell extensions Exchange Server being a notable exception, because it was the first product to include a PowerShell extension, and they hadn t thought everything through at that point add a short prefix to the noun portion of their command names. Get-ADUser, for example, or Invoke-SqlCmd. These prefixes may seem awkward, but they re designed to prevent command conflicts. For example, suppose you loaded two modules that each contained a Get-User cmdlet. With two commands having the same name and being loaded at the same time, which one would PowerShell execute when you run Get-User The last one loaded. But the other commands having the same name are not inaccessible. To specifically run either command, you would have to use a somewhat awkward naming convention that requires both the snap-in name and the command name. So if one Get-User came from a snap-in called MyCoolPowerShellSnapin, you d have to run this:
CHAPTER 12: Monitoring, Analysis, and Performance Tools
Extending LINQ
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