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Generating Quick Response Code in Objective-C SCRIPTING APPLE APPS

Listing 21.3 Final attempt at background lookup
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Sometimes, you might want to disconnect a Bluetooth device from your iPhone 4. It is easy to get this done. Get into the Bluetooth settings as you did earlier in this chapter. Touch the device you want to disconnect in order to bring up the next screen, then tap the Forget this Device button and confirm your choice. NOTE: Bluetooth has a range of only about 30 feet, so if you are not nearby or not using a Bluetooth device, turn off Bluetooth. You can always turn it back on when you are actually going to be using it. This will delete the Bluetooth profile from the iPhone 4. (See Figure 6 5.)
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public IList<User> FindUsers(string firstname, string lastname) { StringBuilder queryString = new StringBuilder(); bool conditionFound = false; if (firstname != null) { queryString.Append("lower(u.Firstname) like :firstname "); conditionFound=true; } if (lastname != null) { if (conditionFound) queryString.Append("and "); queryString.Append("lower(u.Lastname) like :lastname "); conditionFound=true; } string fromClause = conditionFound "from User u where " : "from User u "; queryString.Insert(0, fromClause).Append("order by u.username"); IQuery query = GetSession().CreateQuery( queryString.ToString() ); if (firstname != null) query.SetString( "firstname", '%' + firstname.ToLower() + '%' ); if (lastname != null) query.SetString( "lastname", '%' + lastname.ToLower() + '%' ); return query.List<User>(); }
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Loading XAML at runtime
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The ability of cluster servers to obtain IP addresses via DHCP Support for new quorum models, used to determine the number of failures a cluster can sustain while still operating Apart from the enhanced validation and management tools, the increase in supported server nodes and relaxed networking restrictions enables the creation of much more flexible clustering solutions, making Windows Server 2008 the best server operating system for a clustered SQL Server 2008 deployment. Further enhancing its appeal are the improved quorum models.
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... end repeat set text item delimiters to "" set the_string to temp_list as string Note that in the previous script, text item delimiters is set to an empty string. If each item in the list represents a separate line or paragraph in the text and the individual strings don t yet have a return character appended to the end, then you can set the text item delimiters value to return instead of a blank string, which will add a return character between the string items when the list is coerced into a string.
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Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Controls.WebUI .BrowserFormWebPart
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The background property allows you to specify the color of the rectangular region where the Silverlight plug-in will appear. By default, this property is set to null, which is the same as white. There are two techniques for setting this property value. The first is to use a hexadecimal color value. The second is to use a color name recognized by the user s browser, such as Silver. Perhaps the most interesting option, though, enables you to hide the background entirely. By setting the background property to transparent, you can make the background of the plug-in region invisible. At the same time, your Silverlight application is still completely visible. Before you get too excited, we strongly recommend searching for alternatives before using this option. When the background property is set to transparent, your Silverlight applications will incur a significant performance hit, which may detract from a user s experience, especially when playing media or doing heavy animation. In addition, if you choose to use the transparent option, it s important to take the isWindowless property into consideration. The isWindowless property lets you determine whether the plug-in allows any underlying HTML content to display through any transparent areas. By default, this property is set to false, meaning that your Silverlight plug-in will appear on top of any underlying HTML content. The reason why this property defaults to false is because, once again, when this value is set to true, your Silverlight application will take a significant performance hit. Setting the isWindowless property to true does have an advantage. When this property is true, any underlying HTML content will show through the transparent areas of the Silverlight plug-in. This option is most useful when you want seamless integration with an HTML page such as flyovers and overlays. As figure 3.4 shows, the background and isWindowless properties are somewhat reliant upon each other. It s critical to your integration efforts to understand how the background and isWindowless properties cooperate. As the third image in figure 3.4 shows, setting the background property to transparent is only half the battle. The fourth image shows that you truly have the ability to seamlessly integrate Silverlight content within your web assets by setting both the background and isWindowless properties. The process of integration will become clearer once we begin discussing the actual Silverlight content in the next chapter.
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Even if you ship with 20 plists (which I probably would for this application), they ll almost definitely be stale once the application gets into users hands. You don t want your application to be this unresponsive the first time it is run. What can you do about this You have several options. At the moment, you re downloading and parsing all three months worth of data from Yahoo, because that s the easiest thing to do. You could figure out how much data you already have on disk and download only the missing data. You are also spending a fair amount of time converting NSNumbers to the NSDecimalNumbers you need for Core Plot. You could change Core Plot to accept NSNumbers, or you could change your storage to CoreData, which retrieves NSDecimalNumbers without conversion. The problem with these optimizations, some of which you may choose to do before shipping, is that they will all incur unpredictable amounts of overhead on the main thread. Thus, you would have to test a lot of use cases. It may also prove difficult to predict just how much data you ll need. If your user uses your application often enough to pull down small chunks (in this case, fewer days) of data, which is not guaranteed, you might do well to avoid downloading duplicate data. You might also want to allow the user to add stocks to plot, which would definitely require a lot of parsing the first time the stock data is downloaded; it also adds yet another stock to the queue on application launch. Perhaps you would do well to try to pull the processing off of the main thread so you can unblock the user interface once and for all, thus freeing yourself from all of these problems at once.
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How Groceries Are Mapped
Figure 13-14. Window attributes 4. Design the user interface: You add objects to windows (and panels) by dragging objects from the Objects Palette and placing them as needed (see Figure 13-15). As you move objects around in a window, guides appear to help in positioning.
Specifying a Range of Elements
To install the Internet Explorer WebControls, run iewebcontrols.msi from the WebControls folder.
Creating Cool and Wacky Apps: Why I Teach This Way
Result The File menu is now complete.
CHAPTER 3: Audio Streaming: An Exploration into Core Audio
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