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example, the subscription database transaction log filling up). This can mean that a lengthy period of time is required to apply large batch updates. While these batch updates are being applied, the Distribution Agent will wrap them in a transaction so that it can roll them back on errors, and Subscriber resources are consumed to hold this transaction open. Latencies that were previously several seconds can quickly grow to many minutes, and occasionally to hours (for large numbers of modified rows). SQL Server will get bogged down when replicating transactions that affect large numbers of rows typically in the tens or hundreds of thousands of rows. Strategies for improving performance in this regard are presented in the sections that follow.
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Touch and hold to see the magnifying glass slide your finger to place the cursor.
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Directory: Mode LastWriteTime Length Name --------------------- ---d--hs 6/13/2006 10:12 PM C:\ Get-Item : Command execution stopped because the shell variable "ErrorActionPreference" is set to Stop: Cannot find path 'C:\Doc uments and Settings\brucepay\nosuchfile' because it does not exi st. At line:3 char:9 + get-item <<<< c:\,nosuchfile,c:\,nosuchfile
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The PageMargins property is a standard Thickness property like those used for margins throughout the rest of Silverlight. It reports the size of the margins set in the printer configuration dialogs in your system. The PrintableArea property is a Size property that indicates the width and height of the area within the margins. This is the area in which you can lay out your content. It s important to note that the PageMargins and PrintableArea measurements are all provided at 96 dpi, consistent with screen layout. My printer handles resolutions up to 1200 dpi (normally set to 600 dpi). Despite that, the printable page area comes through at 784 x 1024 and the margins come through at 16,16,16,16. Add 32 (right and left margin) to 784 and divide by 96, and you get 8 1/2 inches. Do the same for the height and you get 11 inches. 8 1/2 x 11 inches is, in the US, the size of a standard sheet of letter-sized paper. The print quality itself is better than that, but still not as good as what you may be used to.
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connection.provider specifies the name of the .NET class implementing the IConnectionProvider interface; here, we use the default one. dialect specifies the name of the .NET class implementing the database Dialect. Dialects are how NHIbernate can take advantage of database-specific fea-
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As an administrator, you can rectify this situation in two ways. The first one is easier and not recommended. You can modify the Report Server policy file to give all custom assemblies FullTrust execution rights by making the following changes to rssrvpolicy.config (and rspreviewpolicy.config for testing purposes):
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You need to have a database set up so that NHibernate has somewhere to save entities. Setting up a database for this program should only take a minute. NHibernate can work with many databases, but for this example you ll use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005. Your first step is to open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connect to your database server, and open a new query window. Type the following in the SQL window to quickly create a new database:
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Configuration tool Executing scripts with the RS script host Using specialized management utilities
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tell application "BBEdit 6.5" log "calling activate" activate log "calling make new text window" make new text window log "setting bounds to " & "{0, 0, 200, 300}" set bounds of text window 1 to {0, 0, 200, 300} end tell
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Figure 5-3. The Data Provider tab of the Event Rule Properties dialog
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PS (2) > "Hello there world".Split().length 3
-[ITunesFinder addSnack:]: selector not recognized
To perform a translate transform that moves the shape 10 pixels in the positive x-axis and 20 pixels in the positive y-axis, you d supply 10 for OffsetX and 20 for OffsetY. To increase the x scale of the target, provide a value larger than 1.0 to the M11 property. Similarly, to increase the y scale, provide a value larger than 1.0 to the M22 property. Values smaller than 1.0 will shrink the size.
The standard query operators provided by the LINQ framework allow queries to be a first-class language construct in C# and VB.NET. As we learned earlier in this book, the standard query operators operate over a sequence, where the sequence is an object whose type implements the IEnumerable<T> or IQueryable<T> interface. In the case of LINQ to XML, the some type T is typically an XElement, XAttribute, or XNode. In order to use the standard query operators with our XML data, we need to be able to search our XML for a sequence of objects that can then be queried using the standard query operators. The LINQ to XML axis methods provide a means by which we can find the elements, attributes, and nodes that we want to work with within our XML. Throughout this section we re going to introduce you to the various axis methods and explain when to use each. Once we have a firm handle on the axis methods, we ll look at how we can use them along with the standard query operators. To get started, let s look at the sample XML file that we ll use throughout this section for learning about the axis methods. The XML in listing 10.1 represents a subset of the books within our LINQ Books catalog.
Events An event is a member that enables a class or other object to provide notifications. An instance of a class can associate one or more methods, known as event handlers, with specific events in order to receive such notifications. An event is declared using the event keyword. Like properties, an event can declare accessors to specify how event handlers are added to or removed from the event. Such accessors are optional, resulting in the following forms for an event declaration: 644
mocks.StrictMock<IEmailService>(); using(mocks.Record()) { Ensures exception stubService.LogError("whatever"); is thrown LastCall.Constraints(Is.Anything()); LastCall.Throw(new Exception("fake exception")); mockEmail.SendEmail("a","subject","fake exception"); } LogAnalyzer2 log = new LogAnalyzer2(); log.Service = stubService; log.Email = mockEmail; string tooShortFileName = "abc.ext"; log.Analyze(tooShortFileName); mocks.VerifyAll(); }
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