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CHAPTER 5: Game Building Blocks
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UNIX shells used dynamic scoping because they didn t really have a choice. Each script is executed in its own process and receives a copy of the parent s environment. Any environment variables that a script defines will then be inherited by any child scripts it, in turn, calls. The process-based nature of the UNIX shells predetermines how scoping can work. The interesting thing is that these semantics are pretty much what PowerShell uses, even though we weren t limited by the process boundary. We tried a number of different schemes and the only one that was really satisfactory was the one that most closely mimicked traditional shell semantics. I suppose this shouldn t be a surprise, since it s worked pretty well for several decades now.
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Associative entity Track Author
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If you make these changes in your code, make certain you undo them before continuing, as we would like to have a vertical splitter in our final application. Let s get back to our TreeView object and add some nodes to this control. 15.2.3 USING THE TREENODE CLASS Now that the list and tree views on our form are separated by a splitter control, we will get back to the tree view itself. Tree views contain nodes, which may contain other nodes, which may contain still other nodes, and so forth. Each node in the tree is represented by a TreeNode object. This class is summarized in .NET Table 15.3. In the Windows Explorer application, for example, each directory is represented as a tree node, and may contain other directories or files.
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For example, you can use the General link to complete the following tasks: Change the report name and description. Hide the report from the folder view. MANAGING RS WITH THE REPORT MANAGER 273
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Notice how the assert is performed against the mock object, and not against the LogAnalyzer class. That s because we re testing the interaction between LogAnalyzer and the web service. We still use the same dependency injection techniques from chapter 3, but this time the mock object (used instead of a stub) also makes or breaks the test. Also notice that we aren t writing the tests directly inside the mock object code. There are a couple of reasons for this: We d like to be able to reuse the mock object in other test cases, with other asserts on the message. If the assert were put inside the mock object, whoever reads the test would have no idea what we re asserting. We d be hiding essential information from the test code, which hinders the readability and maintainability of the test. In your tests, you might find that you need to replace more than one object. We ll look at combining mocks and stubs next.
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8. Click Next, and then click Finish. If installing the MOM connector framework or MOM-to-MOM product connector on a Windows 2003 domain controller, then carry out the following steps: 1. Grant the IIS_WPG group read/execute permissions to the %WINNT%\Temp directory. 2. Grant the IIS_WPG group modify permissions to the Temporary ASP.Net Files directory. 3. Restart IIS. If installing on a Windows 2000 domain controller, do the following: 1. Grant the IWAM_<computername> account read/execute permissions to the %WINNT%\Temp directory. 2. Grant the IWAM_<computername> account modify permissions to the Temporary ASP.Net Files directory.
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MANAGING TEST ENVIRONMENTS In many organizations, DBAs manage test environments that not only include test SQL
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In addition to creating content controls, you can create custom task panes. Figure 10.15 shows an example of the kind of task pane that would be useful to sales representatives when sending out quotes. Users can look up customers easily to find out information about them.
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Strictly speaking, this report could be rendered more efficiently using a table region instead of using a rectangle item and a list region, but it s still not bad for a few minutes of work. If you are experienced in Access, you can use the import feature not only to facilitate the upgrade process but also to minimize the learning curve and come up to speed quickly with RS. For instance, RS automatically converts Access expressions to their RS VB.NET equivalents, e.g., [Page] to Globals.PageNumber. It is not perfect, but it will save you quite a bit of effort to just lay out the report in the Report Designer. With RS you are not limited to creating reports interactively. Instead, thanks to the open XML nature of the report definition schema, you can produce reports programmatically.
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CHAPTER 5: Composition
The iPhone SDK contains the SCNetworkReachability framework to help you determine whether a certain peer is reachable or not given the current network configuration. By being integrated with the application s run loop, SCNetworkReachability not only supports one-time queries of a certain peer s state but also lets you register a callback function to be called whenever that state changes. However, as powerful a tool SCNetworkReachability is for monitoring a single peer, it is not as well suited for monitoring the general availability of a WiFi network. Essentially, SCNetworkReachability answers questions like Will datagrams originating from a certain local address be able to reach a certain remote address Even though these can be extended to Will datagrams originating from any local address be able to reach a certain remote address and Is a certain local address assigned to this device at all by leaving one of the addresses blank, these questions still focus on the reachability of individual addresses. NOTE: The reachability status is never probed for by actually sending out packets. It instead represents a theoretical result based on the device s routing tables and VPN configuration. Therefore, although a negative reachability result does guarantee that datagram transmission will fail, a positive one does not guarantee they will succeed. We ll therefore turn to the BSD networking API for a different approach to detecting WiFi availability. We ve already established how to enumerate all available network interfaces and their assigned addresses, implemented in the function interfaceNamesAddresses. Furthermore, we ve shown how to query an interface s flags by using the SIOCGIFFLAGS IO control. The following facts allow us to judge WiFi availability by scanning for an active, non-point-to-point network interface that supports multicasting and isn t a loopback interface: The network connection to the carrier (via GRPS, EDGE, or UMTS) is established via PPP and hence has the flag IFF_POINTOPOINT set.
It s best if Reporting Services runs on a dedicated system because in highstress production environments it can consume considerable resources that can hobble the performance of a DBMS engine sharing the same resources.
That s it! Your application will now handle all three display modes. Note how the AutoScrollPosition property is used for the location to appear in the upper left corner of the client area. As the window scrolls, this value is updated automatically so we can use it future Paint operations. Crank it up and display your favorite set of images stretched to fit, scaled to fit, and at the actual size. Make sure you try some images of alternate sizes to ensure that the scroll bars adjust appropriately as you move through the album. Also note how the scroll bars disappear when the window is expanded to be larger than the image. Too bad about our status bar. It really should not be part of the scrolled area here. The problem is that we are drawing and scrolling the form itself, and both the image and the status bar are part of the form. As a result, as goes the image, so goes the status bar. To fix this, we need to isolate the image portion of the form and have our image appear only in this area. The PictureBox control isolated the image without the ability to scroll. The Panel class will provide both isolation and scrolling.
When we started our discussion of parameters, we used $args, which was a bit awkward, but it let us specify a variable number of arguments to a function. In the next section, we ll see how we can do this even when we have a formal parameter list. 7.2.2 Handling variable numbers of arguments Now that you know how to create explicit argument specifications, you re probably wondering if you can still handle variable numbers of arguments. The answer is yes. Any remaining arguments that don t match formal arguments will be captured in $args. Here s an example function that illustrates this.
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