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T-Log (E:) RAID 1
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You create an Arc object by using the AddArc method. This method takes four arguments that determine the position and size of the arc: Set ArcObject = Object.AddArc(CenterPoint, Radius, StartAngle, EndAngle) Table 8-2 provides a brief description of each argument. Table 8-2. AddArc Method Parameters
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td21.ChildTypeDescriptors.Create("Name", null, null, false);
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XMLData is a read/write property and can be used to save and restore the report layout. All three of the UI Office Web Components PivotTable, ChartSpace, and Spreadsheet expose this property. Although the Data Miner sample persists only the PivotTable report definition, with a minimum amount of programming effort you should be able to enhance it to support saving and restoring chart report layouts as well. To capture the report layouts, we created a table called Reports in the AdventureWorks warehouse database. This table has a Category field that classifies the report as standard or user-defined. In addition, the table saves the user s identity in the format DomainName/UserName. Users can see only the standard reports defined in this table plus the user-defined reports they have authored. To facilitate the access to the database, we built a web service fa ade, MyReports, which you can find under the 12 folder in the AWReporterWeb project. The fa ade exposes two web methods, GetReports and SaveReports, to retrieve or change the report definitions, respectively. When the Data Miner application starts, it calls down to the fa ade to retrieve the report list. It caches the reports in an ADO.NET dataset. The application s user interface logic prevents the user from making modifications to standard reports. All changes to the user-defined reports are cached locally in the dataset. When the user clicks the Update My Reports button, the modified user-defined reports are sent to the fa ade, which in turn propagates the changes to the database.
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First we check to see if an instance of the Logger class has been previously created. If it has, the Shutdown method is called, cleaning up the background thread. Next an instance of the Logger class is created and assigned to the log member variable. Depending on the destination we select, there are several values that are required. For instance, if we select that we want the logging to go to a text file we must supply a file name. The logging destination is a product of using binary on an enumeration. The WhereToLog enumeration is assigned powers of two. This allows a single value to determine if content is sent to multiple locations. The following is the definition of the enumeration:
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You probably know, or have read, that index fragmentation is bad for the performance of large queries. In particular, logical scan fragmentation can have a detrimental impact on the performance of queries that are processed with index ordered scans. Why The most common explanation is that when logical order doesn t match the physical order, SQL Server has to do more work in following the index page chain. Instead of trying to understand how SQL Server navigates through logical scan fragmentation internally, you can gain a solid understanding of its performance impact by looking at the disk performance counters more specifically, Avg. Disk Bytes/Read and Disk Read Bytes/sec. Let s again use the script in listing 1. To introduce logical scan fragmentation, first remove the CREATE INDEX statement from the script, and then insert the following SQL statement immediately after the test table is created and before the test table is populated with data:
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public class Fraction { private long _num; private long _den; . . . // Destructor (not the best example) ~Fraction() { _num = 0; _den = 1; } }
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Dynamic Web Part
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To specify a default action, you can use the default clause:
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- (void) draw { NSLog (@"drawing a circle at (%d %d %d %d) in %@", bounds.x, bounds.y, bounds.width, bounds.height, colorName(fillColor)); } // draw
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Use the Show method at the current mouse location. 11 Create a private DisplayPhotoEditDlg method to accept an album index and display the associated dialog. Note: This method returns a boolean value indicating whether the user modified any settings.
Podcasts are usually a series of audio segments; these may be updated frequently (such as hourly news reports from National Public Radio) or not updated at all (such as a recording of a one-time lecture on a particular topic).
Mastering the timeline
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private void GetServerProperties() { string WmiNamespace = @"\\" + txtServer.Text + @"\root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportingServices\v9\Admin"; string WmiRSClass = @"\\" + txtServer.Text + @"\root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportingServices\" + "v9:MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting"; ManagementClass serverClass; ManagementScope scope; scope = new ManagementScope(WmiNamespace);
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