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long factorial( long num ) { if ( num > 1 ) num *= factorial( num - 1 ); return( num ); }
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15.2 Configuring Blog Digest for C#
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Figure 15-7. The New Blank Image dialog box In the Save As field, type the name of the server you re replicating. From the dialog box choices at the bottom, choose a size that is going to be sufficient for the files you will be testing in your scripts. I usually use 100MB, but if you re working with large images, you ll need more. Just remember that the size of the disk image will be the size that you choose, so choosing 2GB will make the disk image huge. Also, choose read/write format. After you click Create, the disk image will be created and also mounted on your system, as shown in Figure 15-8.
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The layout system
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Instead of directly implementing the IInterceptor interface, you inherit from EmptyInterceptor, which allows you to ignore the methods of this interface that you don t need. This particular interceptor has two interesting aspects. First, the session and userId are fields this interceptor needs to do its work, so a client using this interceptor must set both properties when enabling the interceptor. The other interesting aspect is the audit-log routine in OnSave() and OnFlushDirty(), where you add new and updated entities to collections. The OnSave() interceptor method is called whenever NHibernate saves an entity; the OnFlushDirty() method is called whenever NHibernate detects a dirty object. The audit logging is done in the PostFlush() method, which NHibernate calls after executing the synchronization SQL. Note that entity.GetType().GetCustomAttributes() performs badly (compared to using IAuditable), but you can optimize this code by caching all the decorated types.
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System.Xml.Schema System.Xml.XPath
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<TextBox x:Name="myTextBox" Text="Ben and Abby" Height="25" Width="100"> <TextBox.RenderTransform> <MatrixTransform> <MatrixTransform.Matrix> <Matrix M11="0.96592583" M12="0.25881905" M21="-0.25881905" M22="0.96592583" OffsetX="100" OffsetY="20" /> </MatrixTransform.Matrix> </MatrixTransform> </TextBox.RenderTransform> </TextBox>
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As long as you have an app installed that works with files, such as GoodReader or Stanza, you can use iTunes to transfer files between your computer and your iPhone. You perform this file transfer using the bottom of the Apps tab in iTunes below all the application icon screens. TIP: Some apps, such as GoodReader, come with wireless methods for transferring and sharing files. Check out the GoodReader section in 15: New Media, for more information.
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Data Type
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Hugo is cofounder and R&D lead of perFact BV, a Dutch company that strives to improve analysis methods and to develop computer-aided tools that will generate completely functional applications from the analysis deliverable. The chosen platform for this development is SQL Server. In his spare time, Hugo likes to share and enhance his knowledge of SQL Server by frequenting newsgroups and forums, reading and writing books and blogs, and attending and speaking at conferences.
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Note that you can explicitly specify the type of a literal value by appending a suffix such as U for unsigned, or L for long. You can also specify a character value using a Unicode escape sequence. For example, '\u0061' is the letter a. Normally, reference types are created using the new keyword:
CHAPTER 15: Packaging and Distribution
The most common setting for this rule is to leave the from alert source check box unchecked. Doing so allows you to catch alerts from all sources and simply use the severity to match. The alternative approach is to check the only match alerts generated by rules in the following group box while leaving the boxes for the first two Match alerts options blank. Clicking the Browse button will take you to the Select Rule Group dialog, as shown in Figure 5-28. In this figure, the branch tree for Operations Manager 2005 has been expanded into a subtree. Choose an item for further expansion to make your selection. You can click the Advanced button on the Alert Criteria tab (see Figure 5-27) to get to the Advanced Criteria dialog, in which you can specify more advanced and specific criteria. Figure 5-29 shows the Advanced Criteria dialog.
set file_ID to open for access alias "Macintosh HD:report export.txt" set report_text to read file_ID close access file_ID Note that opening and closing access to a file does not change its busy status. These files can be opened by any other application even after AppleScript has opened them for access. To write to a file, you have to open it with write permission. You do this as part of the open for access command: set file_ID to open for access alias "Macintosh HD:report export.txt" with write permission
Custom implementations of the basic query operators
Dispose of the contained bitmap only if it exists and is not our static InvalidPhotoImage bitmap.
Use This
An example of this has to do with large collections of children in controls such as lists and grids. Drawing the elements takes a certain amount of time but that only happens for elements that are onscreen. Creation of the CLR objects representing the items also takes a certain amount of time. Most importantly for us, the measure and layout passes happen for all children, regardless of their potential position on screen or off. Therefore, if you have a thousand elements in a ListBox, MeasureOverride and ArrangeOverride will be called for each of them. More importantly, if those elements contain children (as often is the case with item templates), you ll have even more calls in the layout passes. One solution to this is virtualization. A subset of the built-in controls (such as the DataGrid) support UI virtualization. For those, precreated elements are reused with new data. The end result is a reduction in the number of in-memory elements, as well as a reduction of MeasureOverride and ArrangeOverride calls.
This operator returns a sequence made by common elements of two different sequences.
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