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Left to Right and Right to Left
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For this project, you ll use the Entity Framework and the Adventure Works database. Follow the instructions in appendix A and set up the database, connection, and Entity Framework Model in the existing web project. Build the project before adding the domain service. This will ensure that the appropriate metadata is available from the Entity Framework Model. When that s done, right-click the Services folder in the web project, and choose Add New Item. The item you want to add is the Domain Service Class, included in the top-level Visual C# template list in the New Item dialog. Figure 17.4 shows the correct template in use. Name your domain service EmployeeService.cs, and click Add. You ll then be presented with the RIA Services-specific Add New Domain Service Class dialog shown in figure 17.5. This dialog requires careful attention. First, you want to make sure the Enable Client Access option is checked. When checked, it allows the domain service to be used by clients such as Silverlight. If unchecked, the service will only be available server-side.
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Figure 3.10 Use the Query tab in the Dataset dialog box to specify the dataset name, data source, and query string.
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The Paste XML as LINQ Visual Studio add-in is shipped as a sample. To use it in Visual Studio 2008, you have to compile and install the add-in from the source code provided. The add-in can be found in the LinqSamples directory of the \Program Files\Visual Studio 9.0\Samples\CSharpSamples.zip file.
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Interface Builder: Making the Connections
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{ Console.WriteLine("Customer: Id={0}, Name={1}", rs["cust_id"], rs["cust_name"]); } } }
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Touch any title in your library to open it for reading. The book will open to the very first page, which is often the title page or other front matter in the book.
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Our example sets the name of the authentication cookie to .ASPXCONTACTMGR. This allows us to uniquely identify and distinguish the cookie. We set the loginUrl attribute to login.aspx. This attribute redirects any unauthenticated users to a page that is used to validate their identity. The All value of the Protection attribute specifies that we will be using both encryption and data validation to store the cookie. This is the recommended setting because it is most secure. We set the timeout to 120 minutes, which we can tune based on our users needs. We configured the authorization element to restrict any unauthenticated user by using the <deny users=" " /> tag. Any user who hasn t been properly logged in (or issued an authentication cookie) and requests a page in the same directory as the Web.Config file containing the code from listing 9.1 is redirected to the login page specified by the loginUrl attribute. Setting up forms authentication is simple; however, you do have to write a little code to actually issue the authentication cookie. When you request a page, you are automatically redirected to a login page, as shown in figure 9.12.
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large internet-based companies, such as Amazon, Yahoo!, Google, Intuit, Apple, and others have, over the years, built up what have to be considered mega data centers with thousands of servers. These data centers are the starting point for what is being built out by the cloud providers. It s useful to understand the structure and the economics of these massive data centers to gauge how much you can scale your operations, how reliable your cloud computing will be, how secure your data will be, and where the economics of public clouds are going. This is particularly important should you decide to build your own private cloud. You ll learn more about private clouds later in this chapter, and we ve dedicated chapter 4 to the topics of security and private clouds.
Listing 8 3. The @interface of the EnemyEntity Class #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import "Entity.h" typedef enum { EnemyTypeBreadman = 0, EnemyTypeSnake, EnemyTypeBoss, EnemyType_MAX, } EnemyTypes; @interface EnemyEntity : Entity { EnemyTypes type; } +(id) enemyWithType:(EnemyTypes)enemyType; +(int) getSpawnFrequencyForEnemyType:(EnemyTypes)enemyType; -(void) spawn; @end
A major goal of the new Transact-SQL (T-SQL) features in SQL Server 2008 is to reduce the amount of code you need to write for common scenarios. Many new language features simplify code, and table-valued parameters probably do so most dramatically. Such an innocuous name for a radical new feature! It s the sort of thing that only a geek could love: the ability to pass a table to a procedure. It s a simple enhancement but will change the way you think about programming SQL Server forever. If you ve ever passed a comma or other delimited list of data values to a stored procedure, then split them up, and processed them, or bumped up against stored procedure parameter limits, you know the pain that is now forever gone. In this chapter I ll explore the syntax and use of this new T-SQL feature, both in SQL Server code as well as client code. By the end of the chapter, you ll wonder how you ever programmed without it!
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