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Speaker icon shows that Bluetooth headset is selected.
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Bandwidth is clearly a key decision. Microsoft suggests that a site with a peak load of 163 page requests per second serving an average page size of 30KB will require 38Mbps at peak load.
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CREATE PROCEDURE load_fragments_personlists AS SET NOCOUNT ON SET XACT_ABORT ON DECLARE @batchstart int, @batchsize int, @totalrows int SELECT @batchstart = 1, @batchsize = 20000 SELECT @totalrows = COUNT(*) FROM persons TRUNCATE TABLE fragments_personlists WHILE @batchstart <= @totalrows BEGIN ; WITH numbered_persons(person_id, email, rowno) AS ( SELECT person_id, email, row_number() OVER(ORDER BY email, person_id) FROM persons ), personlists(fragment, person_list, cnt) AS ( SELECT w.frag, dbo.integerlist(p.person_id), COUNT(*) FROM numbered_persons AS p CROSS APPLY wordfragments (p.email) AS w WHERE p.rowno >= @batchstart AND p.rowno < @batchstart + @batchsize GROUP BY w.frag ) MERGE fragments_personlists AS fp USING personlists AS p ON fp.fragment = p.fragment WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET no_of_entries = fp.no_of_entries + p.cnt, stored_person_list.write(p.person_list + CASE WHEN fp.listlen < 7000 AND fp.listlen < 4 * (fp.no_of_entries + p.cnt) THEN convert(varbinary(2000), replicate(0x0, 4 * (fp.no_of_entries + p.cnt))) ELSE 0x END, 4 * fp.no_of_entries, 4 * p.cnt) WHEN NOT MATCHED BY TARGET THEN
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private void UpdateCalendar() { // Initialize MonthCalendar control
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17.2 Exposing data with the domain service
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Figure 14.9 To connect the Feed Input connection provider with the RSS Web Part, select Connections in the Web Part options menu, and then select the name of the connection and finally the name of the Web Part.
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Now, open up MainMenu.xib in Interface Builder. We want to connect a menu item to our new printContent: method using the First Responder proxy object, but first we have to configure it so that Interface Builder knows that such a method exists! Start by selecting the First Responder proxy. You ll find the list of the First Responder s configured methods in the Identity Inspector. There, a little plus-button lets you add a new item, and give it the name of the method to be called (printContent:). Now open the menu from inside the main nib window, and navigate to the existing Print item. Ctrldrag from it to the First Responder proxy object, and select the printContent: method from the popup. Now save your work, and Build & Run your app. In addition to what you implemented earlier, you can now print from the menu, just like nearly every other Mac OS X application. Invoking the print command brings up the standard Mac OS X print panel, letting you choose which printer, open in Preview, and so on. You get all of this for free, just for programming in Cocoa!
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Ease of use will continue to improve, as all competitive software systems tend to do, as users provide feedback and vote through their dollars for the best service providers. Amazon is winning today, and that ll push many cloud providers to use the Amazon API more broadly; but usability will still come under heavy scrutiny and will improve as more customers use the systems and report issues. The end result means that the cloud will be cheaper, more reliable, more secure, and easier to use than corporate data centers.
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does not expand by itself once downloaded, double-click its icon. It will then expand into a (Smile) text document named hr_book_samples.
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Listing 2-2. The Main Class Containing the Code to Query the Database
Figure 6-4. An example of linetype scaling Because you re likely to assign the linetype scale a number such as 0.5 or 2.0, you might be tempted to use a single precision floating-point variable when reading LTSCALE or CELTSCALE for a drawing. However, you might well find that the number returned isn t so simple and that you need more precision. Be proactive and use a double-precision variable type. Additionally, viewport scaling affects global and individual linetype scaling, as can plot-style configurations.
CHAPTER 11: Isometric Tilemaps
Abridged result set of dates created from the numbers table
Security FileCaster allows anybody to upload and delete file-casts. You ll probably want to make the management page private, with access by username and password only. Categorization Make it possible to specify the category of each file-cast and to subscribe to a newsfeed for each category. View all file-casts Make it possible to page through the file-casts in the system (instead of listing the most recent 30, as we do now). Proxy support Make it possible to configure a proxy host and port used by FileCast.validate() when sending an HTTP Head request. Better storage for uploaded files Instead of storing uploaded files in the server file-system, store them in a distributed data-store.
Next, we create a File Depot object for the depotDir passed in by the caller and a 1@. Finally, we create a FileStream wrapped with
If the album is opened successfully, enable the album Properties button, and set the background color of the list box to normal window color. When an error occurs, display a message in the title bar to reflect this fact. Also clear the list box, set its background color to match the surrounding controls, and disable the album Properties button on the form.
Extensions.Method1 called Class3.Method1 called Class4.Method1 called
C# keywords (continued) Keyword override Description Example See also new; discussion in section 5.4.2, page 154
using System.IO; . . . public Photograph(string fileName) { _fileName = fileName; _bitmap = null; _caption = Path. GetFileNameWithoutExtension(_fileName); }
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