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If you don t use an On Error statement, any run-time error is fatal that is, an error message appears and execution stops.
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Combining List Items into a Single String
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frmRender.removeChild(oldParameter); i--;count--; } // end for } // end if
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QuickDraw is the fundamental graphics display system for the Macintosh; it s used to perform screen-related graphics operations. Originally, QuickDraw supported only black and white; over the years it has evolved to include support for color operations as well. Programs use QuickDraw to draw lines and geometric shapes and perform off-screen drawing as well as other screen-related operations. In addition, the Menu and Window Managers use QuickDraw to draw menu and window objects.
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myInt = myInt * 10;
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Step 0: Creating an ASP.NET web site To create a new ASP.NET web site, choose File > New > Web Site in Visual Studio, and select the ASP.NET Web Site template, as shown in figure 4.3.
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The pipeline, deeper
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if ( fseek( fp, 0L, SEEK_END ) != 0 ) DoError( "Couldn't seek to end of file...Goodbye!" );
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The execution policy can be set to one of five settings (note that the Group Policy object only provides access to the middle three):
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The persistence lifecycle
using 30 percent of data as the test set. You ll use the test set to evaluate how well different models perform predictions. Type TM as the name of the mining structure and TM_DT as the name of the model in the Completing the Wizard page. Click Finish to leave the wizard and open the Data Mining Designer. Save the project.
A three-element array of doubles specifying the bounding box s center in WCS coordinates. This corresponds to the sloping face s center as well. A positive value representing the wedge base s length (X-axis). A positive value representing the wedge base s width (Y-axis). A positive value representing the wedge base s height (Z-axis).
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} @property(nonatomic, @property(nonatomic, @property(nonatomic, @property(nonatomic, assign) retain) retain) retain) CLLocationCoordinate2D coordinate; NSString *title; NSString *subtitle; TrafficCam *cam;
Chart reports display data in an easy-to-understand graphical format. With RS, you can add different types of charts to your reports, including column, bar, area, line, pie, doughnut, scatter, bubble, and stock chart types.
audit events 365 366, 370 371, 374 viewing 374 audit files 371, 374 audit folder 374 Audit GUID 367, 371 audit information 674 audit infrastructure 365 audit log 498 audit name 369 audit objects 365, 372 audit output types 366 Audit Policy 367 audit records 673 audit row 674 audit specifications 366, 676 audited events 673 auditing 322, 365, 381, 394, 671, 673 database level 365 DDL statements 365 DML events 376 filtering 378 filters 376 instance level 365, 372 auditing activity 675 information 469 audits 350, 673 authentication 269 credentials 270 methods 384, 510 protocol 498 Auto Close 559 auto create statistics 564 AUTO option 179 Auto Shrink 559 auto update statistics 564 Auto_Open 665 AutoComplete 382 automated job 468 automatic data protection 12 automatic failover 449 451, 457, 461 462 automatic range management 478 automatic redundancy 462 Automatically Detect Settings option 506 automation engine 344, 347 auto-parameterization 211 212 Auto-Regression Trees 691 Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average 691 auxiliary table 283 average page density 617 average page space 404 average reads 398
One of the most important things you can learn about any given platform or technology is how it handles the concept of an application, including the packaging of that application and the startup process. Back when I used to write straight C code, and everything started at int main(int argc, char **argv) with statically linked libraries into a single .exe or .com file, this was trivial to understand. In more complex technologies such as Silverlight, both the packaging and the startup processes are significantly more involved, but the benefits are great. Because of that, we get great things like Internet deployment, browser integration, hands-off memory management, an eventdriven input model, full media, and rich graphics. Who could ve foreseen that back when code editors only handled a line at a time, compiles were initiated from the command prompt, ASCII graphics were popular, and the presence of a working TCP/ IP stack wasn t a given Once the plug-in is installed on the end-user machines and the hosting page set up, deploying the application can be as simple as those C programs of yore: just copy the deployment file (the .xap) to a known location and have at it. The various options available for creating the plug-in allow us to support just about any server environment and installation experience we d like. In fact, we ll talk more about custom installation experiences in chapter 25. In this chapter we covered HTML page integration primarily from a plug-in-centric view. In the next chapter we ll talk more about how to integrate Silverlight with a web page, including interacting with JavaScript and the DOM.
Figure 38-7. Memory state after a generation 0 and generation 1 garbage collection
Figure 3-11. The VBAIDE Run, Pause, and Stop buttons
First, we will cover a few basic tips and tricks to get your iPad back up and running.
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