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Figure 7.6 The Advanced tab of the Server Properties window allows changes to Server configuration settings, such as Max Degree of Parallelism and Cost Threshold for Parallelism.
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Building mobile support for your Web Parts can significantly affect the availability of your SharePoint solutions. Even though many devices support the full SharePoint interface, the mobile network bandwidth is limited in some places and the roaming costs for mobile devices are quite high. The mobile SharePoint interface can reduce costs by generating content and Web Parts that require less bandwidth.
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Notice how much more self-documenting this code is than the first implementation. Someone who knows nothing about NHibernate can understand immediately what this method does, without the need for code comments. You ve also achieved a clear separation of concerns. You may be satisfied with this improved implementation, but let s look at some of its drawbacks. First, it makes transparent persistence impossible. This is why you need to explicitly save the item at the end. The implementation also opens four sessions where a single would be enough. Finally, the implementation of several similar DAOs violates the Don t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle, giving you redundancy for the basic CRUD operations. These problems can all be solved by abstracting the common basic operations and by figuring out a way to make these DAOs share the same session. Let s jump to the right solution.
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TRY IT NOW Don t take my word for it. This is the perfect time to start follow-
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1. Just touch the plus sign in the upper left corner to add a new location. Type in the name of the city or town or the zip code (the iPhone will start to display towns it thinks you are trying to type). If it does not display suggestions as you type, touch Search after you type in your town. When you see the town you want, just touch it.
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This chapter continues our discussion of the Windows Forms controls available in the .NET Framework. The controls we saw in chapter 9 each presented a single item, such as a string of text or a button with associated text. In this chapter we will look at some controls useful for presenting collections of items in Windows-based applications. While it is certainly possible to use a multiline Textbox control to present a scrollable list of items, this control does not allow the user to select and manipulate individual items. This is where the ListBox and other list controls come in. These controls present a scrollable list of objects that can be individually selected, highlighted, moved, and otherwise manipulated by your program. In this chapter we will look at the ListBox and ComboBox controls in some detail. We will discuss the following topics: Presenting a collection of objects using the ListBox class. Supporting single and multiple selections in a list box. Drawing custom list items in a list box. Displaying a selection using the ComboBox class. Dynamically interacting with the items in a combo box. 314
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Although the letters case is ignored during text comparison by default, some conditions you could possibly want to ignore are considered. Take, for example, white space and hyphens: by default, the two statements that follow will return a false result: "White-house" = "Whitehouse" "Apple Script" = "AppleScript" But what if you want to see whether the correct answer was provided to the question Where does the president live and you want to allow some latitude What you can do is make the comparison while asking AppleScript to return a true result even if there s an extra hyphen or white space. Script 9-5 shows how you would do that. Script 9-5. set the_quiz_question to "Where does the president live" display dialog the_quiz_question default answer "" set user_answer to text returned of result ignoring white space and hyphens set answer_is_correct to (user_answer equals "Whitehouse") end ignoring if answer_is_correct then display dialog "You got it!" In the preceding example, even if quiz takers spelled the answer White house or White-house, they would still come up on top. Now, what if you want to consider capitalization For instance, what if the question is Which is the smallest state and you want to accept Rhode Island and Rhode-Island but not rhode island You need to consider case during comparison but ignore dashes. Script 9-6, which includes two scripts, shows how you do that. Script 9-6. considering case ignoring white space and hyphens "Rhode Island" is equal to "Rhode-Island" --> true "Rhode Island" is equal to "rhode island" --> false end ignoring end considering considering case but ignoring white space and hyphens "Rhode Island" is equal to "Rhode-Island" --> true "Rhode Island" is equal to "rhode island" --> false end considering The reason that Rhode Island was found to be not equal to rhode island in the second case is that you asked AppleScript to consider the case of the letters.
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In this case, the caller knows the receiver object. However, what if the caller does not know who should handle the message, but would rather send the message to a set of objects and let them decide who should handle the request
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The type of operation that takes place. It must be one of the AcBooleanType constants: acUnion, acIntersection, or acSubtraction. The object the Boolean operation is performed against.
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// WhatAboutThatFileAppDelegate.h
Figure 7.15 The Create Relationship window allows you to create logical relationships without changing physical database objects.
The pipeline: connecting commands
Finally, run the program and select the Help menu item. You will see the CocoaWGet help files displayed in the Help Viewer (see figure 6.17).
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Now let s use a variation of a previous example. Here we want to find out the number of text files in the current directory and the total length of those files. First we ll initialize two variables: $c to hold the count of the files, and $l to hold the total length.
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