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Figure A.6 Select the Contact and Employee tables from the AdventureWorks database. Leave the model namespace set to AdventureWorksModel.
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For Each objDimStyle In ThisDrawing.DimStyles strDimStyles = strDimStyles & objDimStyle.Name & vbCrLf Next objDimStyle strChosenDimStyle = InputBox("Choose one of the following " & _ "Dimension styles to apply" & vbCrLf & strDimStyles) If strChosenDimStyle = "" Then Exit Sub objDimension.StyleName = strChosenDimStyle End Sub
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Set the version number of the application to 3.4. DEFINE ARRAY FOR SIZEMODE SETTINGS Action 1 Locate the MainForm constructor in the MainForm.cs window. Result
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Listing 1 Simple XML document
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This may be helpful when debugging your application, because runtime-generated classes are harder to trace. You must set this property before instantiating the Configuration. You can t use the <hibernate-configuration> section in your config file (hibernate.cfg.xml, web.config, and so on) because this is read after the Configuration object is created (during the call to your Configuration object s Configure() method).
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Figure 5 7. After you save the project, Xcode instantiates a project named helloWorld_005, as indicated by the name at the top of the window.
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PS C:\> $version = Get-SPVersion server-r2 PS C:\> $version 0
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*break* 1>> PS (2) > $i 4 1>> PS (3) > $i=8
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Wrap column in value
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