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IList results = session.CreateQuery(@"from Category c where :item in (from c.Items)") .SetEntity("item", item) .List();
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Figure 5-2. A fourth container containing the sum of the other three containers. This container represents a variable named sum with a value of 11.
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Id Globally unique and permanent identifier for blog entry. Permalink Permanent URL for the blog entry. Title A short text string that describes the blog entry. Content The content of the blog entry is the body, the text of the blog entry itself. This might be stored as HTML, XHTML, or wiki syntax, or as some other type of markup, but when the blog server displays the blog entry, it will be transformed into HTML. Summary A short excerpt from the blog entry, suitable for use as a teaser. Link If the blog entry references one specific URL above all others mentioned, the author might specify that URL as the link for the entry.
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To delete a weather location, do the following: 1. First get into the Weather settings screen by tapping the i in the lower right corner of the weekly weather screen.
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Applies a function over a sequence
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For the purposes of this demo, we will create the Time dimension off the OrderDate column, as shown in the following steps: Step 1 Create a new dimension based on the star schema. Step 2 Choose the fact table named Sales as a dimension source table. Step 3 On the Select the Dimension Type screen, choose Time Dimension. The wizard will correctly default the Date column dropdown to the only date column in this table: Month, as shown in figure 12.12.
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Static drill-through reports Static drill-through reports are simply predefined, published reports that you can map to specific parts of a report model. You must create static drill-through reports in the Report Builder and save them to the Report Server. Once you ve done this, you can go into SQL Server Management Studio and assign the reports to specific parts of your model. These reports will replace the temporary drill-through reports. For more information on assigning published Report Builder reports to specific entities, search for How to Map a Predefined Report in a Report Model in the SQL Server Books Online documentation. Keep in mind that access to these static drill-through reports is managed through the role security. If you map a static drill-through report to a particular entity and the user who selects this entity does not have access to your report, they will see a temporary drill-through report instead. 7.3.4 Advanced filtering with the Report Builder Remember Bob from the introduction of this chapter Bob is a sales manager who is interested in creating an ad hoc report that shows a list of names and emails addresses for his customers who Purchased bikes two years ago Purchased accessories for their bike last year Have not purchased any accessories this year For this example, let s use the completed Adventure Works report model (included with the source code for this book) and use 2004 as the current year. Be sure to open and deploy this project before starting the Report Builder. Once the project has been deployed, launch the Report Builder from the Report Manager. When the Report Builder opens, select the Adventure Works report model, choose the Table (Columnar) option, and click the Open button. Let s start by placing on the design surface the data fields that we want displayed on the report. Select the Customer entity on the left. This ensures that the Customer Attributes appear in the Fields section at the bottom left of the Report Builder. Move the Customer Name and Email Address fields onto the report. Notice that the fields in use by the report are shown in bold in the Fields selection list. Once you have the fields on the main design surface, click the Filter button. This displays the Filter Data window. Table 7.6 lists the steps for specifying our advanced filter. Once you ve completed the steps in table 7.6, your screen should look similar to figure 7.27. The current report will now show Bob all customers who purchased bikes in 2002 and accessories in 2003. This is close to meeting his requirements but not quite.
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Figure 26 33. Creating a new iTunes account the Billing Information screen
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As shown in figure 15.14, the Server Activity History report provides a wealth of information for a selected time period, including resource usage, wait types, and performance counter values. Like the other reports we ve looked at, the Server Activity report enables drillthrough action into more detail, such as clicking on the Disk I/O Usage graph line and viewing the details of each disk, as shown in figure 15.15. Bear in mind that all of the reports shown here are standard, out-of-the-box reports that work with the standard system collection sets. Thus, the ability to derive a deeper understanding of system usage not only is very simple but comes with a relatively low administration overhead. In addition to these standard reports, you can create custom reports as well.
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Listing 4.1 Example of an RSS 0.91 format newsfeed
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Installing and upgrading SQL Server 2008
CHAPTER 22: Social Networking
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TRANSFER THE DRAWING CODE INTO THE NEW PAINT HANDLER (continued) Action 6 Remove the corresponding drawing code from the existing OnPaint method. Result The OnPaint method now looks as follows:
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