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Here, we initialize two properties in one line of code: Message (through the constructor) and Source (through an object initializer). Without the new syntax, we would have to declare a temporary variable like this:
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In C# and the .NET runtime world, a little bit of magic takes place to make value types look like reference types, and that magic is called boxing. As magic goes, it s pretty simple. In the call to Console.WriteLine(), the compiler is looking for a way to convert start to an object because the type of the second parameter to WriteLine() is object. For a reference type (in other words, a class), this is easy because object is the base class of all classes. The compiler merely passes an object reference that refers to the class instance. There s no reference-based instance for a value class, however, so the C# compiler allocates a reference-type box for the Point, marks the box as containing a Point, and copies the value of the Point into the box. It s now a reference type, and you can treat it like an object. This reference is then passed to the WriteLine() function, which calls the ToString() function on the boxed Point, which gets dispatched to the ToString() function, and the code writes the following: Start: (5, 5) Boxing happens automatically whenever a value type is used in a location that requires (or could use) an object. The boxed value is retrieved into a value type by unboxing it: int v = 123; object o = v; int v2 = (int) o; // box the int 123 // unbox it back to an integer
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Creating an application with Project Builder
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"<lastname>Lewis</lastname>" & _ "<idrole>1</idrole>" & _ "</person>" & _ "</people>" Dim xml As XElement = XElement.Parse(doc) Console.WriteLine(xml)
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function plugin_Error(sender, errorArgs) { errorType = errorArgs.ErrorType; if (errorType == "ImageError" || errorType == "MediaError") return; alert("An unexpected error has occurred."); }
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You Have Been Saving Your dSYM Files, Right
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This book teaches you the Objective-C language and introduces you to its companion, Apple s Cocoa toolkit. Cocoa is written in Objective-C and contains all the elements of the Mac OS X user interface, plus a whole lot more. Once you learn Objective-C in this book, you ll be ready to dive into Cocoa with a full-blown project or another book such as Learn Cocoa on the Mac or Beginning iPhone Development, both by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche (Apress 2009). In this chapter, we ll let you know the basic information you need before you get started with this book. We ll also serve up a bit of history about Objective-C and give you a thumbnail sketch of what s to come in future chapters.
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int n = lstPhotos.SelectedItems.Count;
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SQL Server 2005 introduced the ability to encrypt data at rest, meaning data stored within the database itself. Known as cell-level encryption, this was a welcome addition to the other encryption features in earlier versions that allowed encryption of data in transit, such as network encryption with SSL.
Listing 5 10. Fixing the View Opacity in the TLOpenGLView Header File #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> @interface TLOpenGLView : NSOpenGLView { } @end
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