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15.4 Summary
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This example is a good reminder that Visual Studio .NET is not needed to create Windows Forms applications. Visual Studio provides a number of nice features that are useful for handling layout and complexity issues, as we have seen. Still, it is good to remember that Visual Studio is just a tool and not a required part of the C# language or the .NET Framework. That said, managing a number of controls on multiple tab pages would get rather confusing without Visual Studio available. We will see how to use Visual Studio to create tab controls and pages next. 11.2.2 CREATING TAB PAGES IN VISUAL STUDIO In this section we will replace the existing Photographs group box in the MyAlbumEditor application with a tab control. This control will contain the controls currently in the Photographs group box. Here we will only create a single tab page. A second tab page will be added later in the chapter. Figure 11.4 shows how this new window will look.
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The Report Builder is the application that our business users will use to create and manage ad hoc reports. As we mentioned in section 7.1.1, the Report Builder is a ClickOnce application, so the installation will occur if needed when they click the button. Step 5 Select the model and build a report. When you click the Report Builder button, the application opens and presents you with options to choose a report model and type. Once you make your selections and click OK, you see the design window of the Report Builder (see figure 7.1 earlier in this chapter). As you can see, the report model exposes entities and fields on the left that ABOUT THE REPORT BUILDER APPLICATION 219
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you ll see the CPU registers and variables as they were when that method or function called the method or function above it in the call stack. The debugger contains buttons that let you perform some actions relative to the currently highlighted code line. You can step over the current line (which executes the rest of what s on the line and then halts at the next line), step into the next method or function (which will halt at the beginning of the next method or function that s called), step out of the current method or function, halting in the caller just after returning, or continue or stop the program. The debugger contains a command-line interface (a version of the gdb command that is standard on UNIX-based operating systems) which lets you all the functionality mentioned before, as well as execute arbitrary code and examine the results. You can call C functions and Objective-C methods by typing their names just as you would in your source code, and use values from the running program s variables as message recipients and parameters. For more detailed information on using the Xcode debugger, see the Xcode Debugging Guide included with the Xcode documentation. In Xcode, open the Breakpoints view by selecting Run Show Breakpoints or by pressing B. This opens the Breakpoints window (see Figure 12 1).
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After we modify the Person entity class as shown, the code in Listing 2-13 will work without exceptions because the two columns don t participate in optimistic concurrency checking. LINQ to SQL provides an advanced technique to manage update conflicts. When we call SubmitChanges(), we can specify a ConflictMode enum value to change the way optimistic concurrency is managed by LINQ. Using ConflictMode.ContinueOnConflict the OptimisticConcurrencyException is filled with some attributes that we can use to personalize the way optimistic concurrency is managed. Using a Try statement we can catch the OptimisticConcurrencyException then use its Resolve() method to specify one of three values that in turn specify three different way to resolve update conflicts:
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If the iPhone is not already connected to a WiFi network at the time your application is launched, iPhone OS will not make any effort to establish such a connection while your application is running. This is true even if your application tries to connect to peers that are unreachable without an active WiFi connection. If your application runs for longer than about 30 minutes, iPhone OS might shut down the WiFi radio. Open connections to peers and even active transmissions do not stop it from doing so. If your application is of limited or no use without an active WiFi connection, you will need to convince iPhone OS to make a bigger effort to provide one. You do that by adding the key UIRequiresPersistentWiFi with the boolean value true to the Info.plist file of your application. Doing so has two effects: If no WiFi connection exists at the time your application is launched, iPhone OS will either connect to an available WiFi network automatically or ask the user to choose from the list of available networks. The user does have the ability to cancel this selection process, though, in which case no WiFi will be available to your application. The WiFi radio will not be shut down while your application is running. It will, however, be put into a power-saving mode if you cease sending and receiving data. However, setting this key has the potential of substantially increasing the power consumption of the iPhone while your application is running. To alleviate this effect, it is important to cease sending and receiving data whenever possible.
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private void MainPage_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e) { if (e.Key == Key.B) { if (Keyboard.Modifiers.HasFlag(ModifierKeys.Shift))
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The ComboBox class is a ListControl object that combines a TextBox control with a ListBox object. A user can select an item from the list or enter an item manually. A ComboBox can be displayed with or without the list box portion shown and with or without the text box portion editable, depending on the setting of the DropDownStyle property. When the list box portion is hidden, a down arrow is provided to display the list of available items. This class is part of the System.Windows.Forms namespace, and inherits from the ListControl class. See .NET Table 10.1 on page 316 for a list of members inherited by this class. DrawMode DropDownStyle DropDownWidth DroppedDown Items Public Properties MaxDropDownItems MaxLength SelectedItem SelectedText Sorted BeginUpdate Public Methods SelectAll DrawItem Public Events DropDown SelectionChangeCommitted Gets or sets how elements in the list are drawn in a window. Gets or sets the style used to display the edit and list box controls in the combo box. Gets or sets the width of the list box portion of the control. Gets or sets whether the combo box is currently displaying its list box portion. Gets or sets the collection of items contained by this combo box. Gets or sets the maximum number of items permitted in the list box portion of the control. Gets or sets the maximum number of characters permitted in the text box portion of the control. Gets or sets the currently selected item in the control. Gets or sets any text that is selected in the text box portion of the control. Gets or sets whether the items in the control are sorted alphabetically. Prevents the control from painting its contents while items are added to the list box. Selects all text in the text box portion of the control. Occurs when an owner-drawn combo box requires repainting. Occurs just before the dropdown portion of a combo box is displayed. Occurs when the selected item in the control has changed and that change is confirmed.
Set the version number of the MyAlbumData application to 17 .1. DISPLAY ALBUM DATA IN THE MYPHOTOALBUM APPLICATION Action 1 In the Solution Explorer window, add the MyPhotoAlbum project to the solution and reference it from the MyAlbumData project. Result
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You establish a log shipping session in SQL Server Management Studio by right-clicking a database and choosing Tasks > Ship Transaction Logs. Note that the selected database must be using either the Full or Bulk_Logged recovery model. As shown in figure 11.3, the resulting screen provides the option Enable this as a primary database in a log shipping configuration. If the database is already log shipped, you can deselect this option to remove log shipping from the database. After choosing the option to enable the database for log shipping, click the Backup Settings button. In the resulting screen, shown in figure 11.4, you can set a number of properties, such as the transaction log backup destination (including a file share accessible from the log shipping destination server), the log backup retention period, the backup frequency, and whether to use backup compression.
private void SaveServerProperties() { EntityProperty.PropertyDataTable ds = (EntityProperty.PropertiesDataTable)grdProperties.DataSource; DataView view = new DataView(ds); view.RowStateFilter = DataViewRowState.ModifiedCurrent; PropertyDataCollection instProps = m_instance.Properties; for(int i = 0;i < view.Count ;i++) { string name = view[i]["Name"].ToString(); instProps[name].Value = view[i]["Value"].ToString(); } m_instance.Put(); }
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