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<property name="name" access="field"/>
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-(id) init { if ((self = [super init])) {
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Table 4.1
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Object Ownership
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In this chapter, you will learn how to locate, buy, and download media using the iTunes app right on your iPad. With iTunes, you will be able to download music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, and free educational content from leading universities with iTunes U. You will also learn how to redeem iTunes gift cards. Some of us still remember going to the record store when that new single or album came out. It was an exciting feeling, browsing through all the vinyl albums, then tapes and CDs, and looking at all the music we wanted. Those days are pretty much long gone with the iPad. All the music, movies, TV shows, and more are available right from the iPad itself. iTunes is a music, video, TV, podcast, and more store virtually every type of media you can consume on your iPad is available for purchase or rent (and often for free) right from the iTunes store.
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printf( "----\n" ); for ( dvdNum = 0; dvdNum < kMaxDVDs; dvdNum++ ) PrintDVDTitle( dvdNum, title );
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Figure 7.9 Use the Parameters link to manage the report parameters, including the parameter s default value and prompt settings.
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Listing 6.9 VB syntax for paging data
And in the handler, we can associate an appropriate value with each button:
} | out-file -width 10kb -filepath $file ` -encoding Unicode }
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