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site of origin 677 storing data on the local filesystem 128 136 Silverlight Business Application template 462 465 authentication 506 differences from navigation template 465 Login dialog 506 self-service registration UI 507 Silverlight control 58 62, 74 ASP.NET 59 creating from JavaScript 61 62 height 65 integrating with a web property 62 72 keyboard input 189 width 65 Silverlight Media Framework. See SMF Silverlight plug-in 58 62 creating from JavaScript 61 62 default install badge 721 input focus 189 installing 721 724 integrating with a web property 62 72 latest version 723 Netflix install page 722 not installed 721 724 security 128 setting focus via JavaScript 189 upgrading 723 See also browser plug-in Silverlight SDK 10 Silverlight Unit Testing Framework 451 455 installing 452 Silverlight-Enabled WCF Service 366 Silverlight.js file 723 Silverlight.js utility file 60 61 functions 61 referencing 60 Silverlight.net website 60 SilverlightHost 54 SilverlightHost class 84, 127 simple geometries 521 522 simple properties 682
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WCF RIA Services
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What Is a Memory Stomp
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entities. You must provide mapping information indicating how these entities should be loaded and saved. Once this is done, NHibernate can take care of moving your object-oriented entities to and from a relational database. There are many fundamental differences between objects and relational data. Trying to use them together reveals the paradigm mismatch (also called the object/relational impedance mismatch). We explore this mismatch in section 1.3. By the end of this chapter, you ll have a clear idea of the problems caused by the paradigm mismatch and how NHibernate solves these problems.
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Figure 4-15. The magnifying glass next to mIGetStomped tells you that it s being watched.
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Backup and recovery
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public class ItemDAOImpl : GenericNHibernateDAO<Model.Item, long>, ItemDAO { public virtual Model.Bid GetMinBid(long itemId) { IQuery q = Session.GetNamedQuery("MinBid"); q.SetInt64("itemId", itemId); return q.UniqueResult<Model.Bid>(); } public virtual Model.Bid GetMaxBid(long itemId) { IQuery q = Session.GetNamedQuery("MaxBid"); q.SetInt64("itemId", itemId); return q.UniqueResult<Model.Bid>(); } }
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DataLoadOptions options = new DataLoadOptions(); options.LoadWith<Subject>(subject => subject.Books); dataContext.LoadOptions = options;
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and verify that they have been deleted.
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