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Table 'SalesTransactions_NonPartitioned'. Scan count 1, logical reads 49, physical reads 0, read-ahead reads 0 Rows Executes StmtText -------------------- ------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------1 1 SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [dbo].[SalesTransactions_NonPartitioned] WHERE 0 0 |--Compute Scaler(DEFINE: ([Expr1004]=CONVERT_IMPLICIT(int,[Expr10 1 1 |--Stream Aggregate(DEFINE:([Expr1007]=Count(*))) 13152 1 |--Index Seek(OBJECT:([PartitioningDemo].[dbo].[SalesTran
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Figure 1-13. An example of the checked Require Variable Declaration After you check this option, exit and restart AutoCAD to make it take effect. By declaring variables to be a specific data type, you save memory resources. Undeclared variables are, by default, assigned the variant data type. This data type uses the most memory and could lead to memory resource problems when users run your application. As a rule of thumb, always declare each variable you use in your application, and choose the data type that uses the least possible memory. 2 discusses data types and memory in more detail.
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if (_bAlbumChanged) { // Offer to save the current album string msg; if (_album.FileName == null) msg = "Do you want to save the " + "current album "; else msg = String.Format("Do you want to " + "save your changes to \n{0} ", _album.FileName); DialogResult result = MessageBox.Show(this, msg, "Save Current Album ", MessageBoxButtons.YesNoCancel, MessageBoxIcon.Question); if (result == DialogResult.Yes) menuSave_Click(this,EventArgs.Empty); else if (result == DialogResult.Cancel) { // Do not close the album return false; } } // Close the album and return true if (_album != null) _album.Dispose(); _album = new PhotoAlbum(); SetTitleBar(); _bAlbumChanged = false; return true; }
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The next step is to initialize the private field using the Role class constructor:
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Dir | Out-File DirectoryList.txt
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The reachabilityChanged: message gets invoked whenever the status of your network changes. This method is responsible for dispatching a message to updateNetworkStatus so that it may update your ivar (instance variables) states accordingly. Figure 7-3 shows what both of those methods look like in OfflineMailerAppDelegate.m.
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a second you d use later to populate them, perhaps during off hours, using the ALTER statement as shown later in this chapter. Now that the full-text index has been created, we re ready for step three, querying data from our full-text index. Before we proceed, let s take a few moments to examine how to maintain our full-text indexes.
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The five core interfaces described in this section are used in just about every NHibernate application. Using these interfaces, you can store and retrieve persistent objects and control transactions.
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need to create a text file called allservers.txt. I put it in the root of my C: drive (because that s where I have PowerShell focused for these examples), and I put several computer names in the file, listing one name per line. You can list your computer name and localhost to duplicate the results I m showing you.
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View a different group. Double-tap here to go to the top and type a search. Add a new Contact. Return to your Contacts list. Tap here to Edit this contact.
2002, Microsoft Smartphone, and any device that runs Windows CE.NET, such as the new Windows-based PDAs. The Compact Framework utilizes much of the same programming model as .NET Windows Forms applications, which means that you can just as easily write applications using the .NET Compact Framework as you can with the full-blown .NET Framework. The Compact Framework includes about 25 percent of the .NET Framework classes and is designed to run on a mobile device. When an application runs on a mobile device using the .NET Compact Framework, it gets compiled to native code for that device because the device has a version of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) running locally. This is not the case with Embedded Visual Basic; the code is interpreted. One of the key features of the Compact Framework is that it was designed from the ground up to support web services. This is important to remember because it means that your networked mobile devices can communicate with many different systems by using common web service protocols which opens up lots of functionality to you as a mobile developer, no matter which platform you re using. For example, if you have web services written on the Java platform, your .NET Compact Framework applications can take full advantage of them. Another key is that unlike most PDA programming models in the past, the .NET Compact Framework has a built-in security model. This model follows the same evidence-based security model as .NET desktop applications. One of the problems with other mobile technologies is that there is no defined security model. Developers 16
The choose folder command is nearly identical to the choose file command, but instead of a file, the user will be able to select only a folder.
Visual Studio .NET uses the value of the Codebehind attribute to locate the programming code associated with the page. We ll look more closely at the code-behind model in the next section. 8.9.2 Using the toolbox to design a Web Form Visual Studio .NET supports a drag-and-drop approach to Web Forms design. Our base 64 encoding application is shown in figure 8.15.
We can also have the WrapPanel wrap vertically instead of horizontally:
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