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Table 7 summarizes the results from a test server with a directly attached disk drive.
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When you start a project and add a UserForm module, a common Toolbox appears. It contains a standard collection of ActiveX controls called intrinsic controls. 3 covers intrinsic controls in more detail. If you want to insert an ActiveX control that is not in the Toolbox, choose Tools Additional Controls or right-click in the Toolbox window and choose Additional Controls. The Additional Controls dialog box shown in Figure 1-19 appears.
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CHAPTER 6: Source File Organization
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Suppose an organization appreciates the benefits of cloud computing but would prefer to take a more careful and measured approach. It has the option of a hybrid approach
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in the enterprise 85 layer 25 platform 24 server 24 25 time-sharing 24 virtualized computing 3, 10 virtualized disk 82 visibility 181 185 through third-party providers 185 186 visual testing 156, 165 166 VLAN 52, 74 VMM 25, 38, 81 VMS 63 VMware 12, 88, 90, 178 and Open Cloud Manifesto 203 virtual machine architecture 25 voltage/frequency scaling 21 VPC 28, 46 VPN and virtual private clouds 93 and Virtual Private Network 46 Vtravelled.com 70 vulnerability testing 208
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$srv = new-object ('Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Server') $srvname $bdi = new-object ('Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.BackupDeviceItem') ($bckfile, 'File') $restr = new-object('Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Restore') $restr.Database = $dbname $restr.Devices.Add($bdi) $restrfile = new-object('Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.RelocateFile') $restrlog = new-object('Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.RelocateFile') $restrfile.LogicalFileName = "AdventureWorks_Data" $restrfile.PhysicalFileName = $s.Information.MasterDBPath + '\'+ $dbname + '_Data.mdf' $restrlog.LogicalFileName = "AdventureWorks_Log" $restrlog.PhysicalFileName = $s.Information.MasterDBLogPath + '\'+ $dbname + '_Log.ldf' $restr.RelocateFiles.Add($rsfile) $restr.RelocateFiles.Add($rslog) $restr.SqlRestore($srv)
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Suppose that you have an initial balance of $20 in your checking account. You win the lottery and deposit $1,000,000 to your account. At the very instance your deposit is being processed, a $10 check you wrote to a local pizza chain is being processed. Without synchronization, your balance could be $10 or $1,000,020 instead of the correct $1,000,010. Since these conditions are not uncommon, it is unimaginable that they would be allowed to happen. Banks generally deal with this by using a transaction. Transactions are a form of synchronization management. One way of dealing with race conditions is to restrict access to shared resources. We will discuss this in detail in the next chapter. A good design minimizes the number of shared resources. In those cases where sharing a resource is required, concurrency control must be enforced.
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The code for saving and restoring is inside the game class and gets invoked from the application controller. On startup, the applications delegate s method applicationDidFinishLaunching: will be called, and on shutdown, the method applicationWillTerminate: will be called. These are the two points to get the game class to save and restore the game. The simplest way to store settings is in the standard user defaults. The class NSUserDefaults offers a very simple way to store data persistently; it works like a dictionary. See Listing 1-9.
Once you ve configured the Business Data Catalog and can view your data within SharePoint, you may want to expose it using a web service. Exposing LOB system data using a web service is beneficial, and there are a hundred reasons for doing so, such as consuming the data in Office Business Applications (OBA) or Windows applications. As you ll find out in chapter 10, you can use the web service within Microsoft Office to create Office Business Applications that require LOB system data. You may also want to use the data in a corporate website that uses ASP.NET,
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Let s get back to the particle emitter. You were just about to spawn some new particles into the world:
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