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Beyond basic in-memory queries
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Note: The down arrow to the right of the image appears because the toolbar s DropDownArrow property is true. Set this property to false to display the button without the arrow.
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If you have several pictures you want to email, copy, or delete at the same time, you can do it from the thumbnail view, as shown in Figure 21 7. NOTE: The copy function allows you to copy and paste multiple pictures into an email message or other app. Share renames the image to photo.png; copy-and-paste leaves it with the DCIM folder file name.png. Share also reduces the pixel size of large photos while copy retains the original pixel size. When you select Share, a pop-up will ask you if you want to send them in small, medium, large, or original size. At publishing time, you could share or email only a maximum of five pictures. This may change with future software.
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<Ellipse Width="60" Height="60" Stroke="Black"> <Ellipse.Fill> <ImageBrush ImageSource="http://www.silverlightinaction.com/man.png" /> </Ellipse.Fill> </Ellipse>
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DECLARE @x xml; SET @x = N''; SELECT @x.query('(3.141592) eq 3.141592');
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11.2.2 Setting up and monitoring log shipping
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Table 9-11. The AddRevolvedSolid Method s Parameters
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using System.ComponentModel;
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You may be wondering just exactly what this refers to in the context of an ASP.NET page. Our page is, in fact, an instance of the System.Web.UI.Page class, thus giving us an object-oriented model of an ASP.NET page in keeping with the rest of the .NET Framework. 8.2.1 The Page.Request and Page.Response properties The ubiquitous Request and Response objects of legacy ASP are now properties of the Page class. Listing 8.3 illustrates.
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Variable Arguments
Let s imagine this table is part of a database used around the globe on a 24/7 basis. The Customer table is used predominantly by a follow-the-sun call center, where customer details are accessed by call center staff from the same country or region as the calling customers. Creating a nonclustered index on this table similar to the one earlier in the chapter where we included FirstName, LastName, and EmailAddress will enable lookups on customer name to return the required details. If this was a very large table, the size of the corresponding nonclustered indexes would also be large. As we ll see later in the chapter, maintaining large indexes that are in use 24/7 presents some interesting challenges. In our example here, a traditional (full table) index would be created similar to what we ve already seen earlier in the chapter; columns would be defined as key or included index columns, ideally as part of a covering index. All is fine so far, but wouldn t it be good if we could have separate versions of the index for specific countries That would enable, for example, the Australian version of the index to be rebuilt when it s midnight in Australia and few, if any, Australian users are being accessed. Such an index design would reduce the impact on sections of users that are unlikely to be accessed at the time of the index maintenance. Consider the following two index-creation statements:
Viewing audit events
Figure 12-1. TestSelectByPolygon example output
Now that the cursor is in your body of the e-mail (under the subject line), you can start typing your e-mail message.
Restoring the PRIMARY filegroup backup
As you can see, the security models are very similar. However, as you will soon find out, the AzMan model is much more flexible. Armed with the Authorization Manager, we can easily fulfill the following security requirements: Implement a role-based security infrastructure similar to the RS role-based model. Support application-defined operations, tasks, and groups. Provide a user-friendly interface that the security administrator can use to configure the custom security infrastructure. While discussing the Authorization Manager in detail is beyond the scope of this chapter, we will walk you through the process of defining a custom authorization security policy for the needs of our Reporting Fa ade. The steps to accomplish this goal are as follows: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Create an authorization store that will hold the role-based security infrastructure. Define two application groups: Sales Managers and Sales Representatives. Assign the appropriate Windows user accounts to these groups. Configure the Sales Representatives group to have rights to run Access reports. Set up the Sales Managers group to include all of the Sales Representatives rights plus the ability to run RS reports.
Listing 13.9 Using an anonymous type and query operators to shape a list of books for display
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