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To select text in a Pages template: 1. 2. Press and hold a word to select it. Double-tap to select a paragraph.
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Figure 7 14. You will see your image moving in a normal iPad view.
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Graphing in 3D
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Table 9.2 Categorization of the Mashup API categories listed on ProgrammableWeb.com as of this writing, with the corresponding number of supporting APIs Advertising (18) Government (43) Security (26) Bookmarks (17) Media Management (9) Sports (13) Dictionary (1) News (22) Tools (48) Fax (3) Photos (49) Weather (9) Food (6) Games (26) Search (56) Blogging (23) Mapping (102) Social (104) Database (19) Music (68) Telephony (54) Events (17) Payments (14) Videos (65) Financial (87) Real Estate (16) Reference (78) Blog Search (8) Job Search (16) Shopping (60) Chat (13) Messaging (61) Tagging (9) Enterprise (50) Other (101) Utilities (29) File Sharing (10) Project Management (20) Wiki (9) Answers (5) Internet (120) Shipping (8) Calendar (5) Medical (14) Storage (19) Email (35) Office (22) Travel (33) Feeds (14) PIM (10) Widgets (17) Games (26)
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Result Visual Studio automatically removes all generated code related to the button from the InitializeComponent method of the MainForm.cs file. Note: When a control is deleted, the declaration of any event handlers are removed, but the actual event handling code, in this case our btnLoad_Click method, must be removed manually. We will remove this code later in the chapter.
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_uiThread.Post(UpdateScore, "Channel Timed Out"); } } void CompleteCloseChannel(IAsyncResult result) { IDuplexSessionChannel channel = (IDuplexSessionChannel)result.AsyncState; channel.EndClose(result); }
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Listing 9 Dropping the ix_Customer_Name index
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Build Active Target (Command-B) Builds the active target by executing the build command. Build and Debug Active Target (Command-Y) Executes a build all command and runs the program under the debugger. Build and Run Active Target (Command-R) Similar to Build Active Target; but once Project Builder successfully builds the project, this button runs the program.
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from User u where u.Email = 'foo@hibernate.org'
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revisit Walker s picture, it ll be stretched vertically, making him stand tall and proud (see listing 21.6).
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Attribute Parameters
Framework Target
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