CHAPTER 8: Multitasking and Voice Control
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Elevation of Privilege
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In fact, while working in the header file earlier, you set this all up by declaring the label with
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When a query is submitted for execution, SQL Server first checks to see if there s already a cached query plan it can reuse. If no such plan exists, a new plan needs to be created. Avoiding this process through query parameterization is a key performancetuning goal, and one that we ll spend more time on in chapter 17. Regardless of whether the plan was selected from cache or re-created, it can t be executed until enough memory is obtained for the execution process. In systems with poor plan reuse, or those starved of memory (or both), a common occurrence is for queries to time out with the A time out occurred while waiting for memory resources to execute the query error. The estimated cost of the plan determines the length of time that SQL Server will wait for resources before the query times out. By default, SQL Server will wait for 25 times the estimated cost of the query. You can use the Query Wait option to override this default by specifying the amount of time to wait in seconds. The best value to use You guessed it the default.
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Figure 11-6 depicts a radial-style dimension.
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<and> <notEqual property="Title" value="Funny Stories" /> <greaterThan property="PageCount" value="100" /> </and>
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Overriding ToString()
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foreach ($i in 1..10) { $i }
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Capturing the output
user_seeks Each time an index is used for seek purposes, that is, navigating through levels of its B-tree, this counter is incremented. A high value here usually represents an effective index. user_scans When a index is scanned at the leaf level (as opposed to seeking through the B-tree), this counter is incremented. user_lookups Each time a nonclustered index is used for a lookup into a heap or clustered index, this counter is incremented. user_updates Insert, update, and delete operations on a table must maintain the appropriate indexes. Every insert and delete operation will have a corresponding action for each nonclustered index, with updates effecting certain indexes, depending on the columns that have changed. Each time an index is maintained for any of these actions, this counter is incremented.
As you saw in chapter 6, disabling unnecessary network protocols is important from both a security and performance optimization perspective.
Figure 9-1. A box The following code creates a box based on user input: Public Sub TestAddBox() Dim varPick As Variant Dim dblLength As Double Dim dblWidth As Double Dim dblHeight As Double Dim dblCenter(2) As Double Dim objEnt As Acad3DSolid '' set the default viewpoint SetViewpoint Zoom:=True '' get input from user With ThisDrawing.Utility .InitializeUserInput 1 varPick = .GetPoint(, vbCr & "Pick a corner point: ") .InitializeUserInput 1 + 2 + 4, "" dblLength = .GetDistance(varPick, vbCr & "Enter the X length: ") .InitializeUserInput 1 + 2 + 4, "" dblWidth = .GetDistance(varPick, vbCr & "Enter the Y width: ") .InitializeUserInput 1 + 2 + 4, "" dblHeight = .GetDistance(varPick, vbCr & "Enter the Z height: ") End With
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