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<ListBox x:Name="myListBox"> <ListBox.Items> <ListBoxItem><TextBlock Text="Sunday, June 1"/></ListBoxItem> <ListBoxItem><TextBlock Text="Monday, June 2"/></ListBoxItem> <ListBoxItem><TextBlock Text="Tuesday, June 3"/></ListBoxItem> <ListBoxItem><TextBlock Text="Wednesday, June 4"/></ListBoxItem> <ListBoxItem><TextBlock Text="Thursday, June 5"/></ListBoxItem> </ListBox.Items> </ListBox>
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First, use the ADO.NET (2.0) System.Data.Common.DbProviderFactories object s GetFactoryClasses method to harvest the .NET data providers installed on the system. This method returns a DataTable. Pick out the SqlClient data provider row and pass it to the DbProviderFactories.GetFactory method. In this case you get a DbDataSourceEnumerator object that can be inspected via the GetDataSources method to find the visible SQL Server instances.
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Listing 8.6 Preparing for reflection
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Script Object Properties
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Listing 2.6 The simplest test for Calculator s Sum()
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Strictly speaking, the ReportItem class serves as a base type, which the objects inside the ReportItems collection derive from. For example, if you pass a textbox item to the ShowItem function, mentioned previously, you will see that its type is Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ReportObjectModel.TextBox and it inherits from ReportItem. In addition, if you examine the Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ReportObjectModel namespace in the Object Browser or .NET Reflector, you will find out that there is a CheckBox type defined, which is not currently used. I expect the Report Object Model to evolve in the future and ReportItems collections to include additional report items besides textboxes.
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private void LoadAlbumData(string dir) { . . . foreach (string s in albumFiles) { . . . if (album != null) { item.Tag = album.FileName; item.ImageIndex = MainForm.AlbumIndex; . . . private void DisplayAlbumProperties (ListViewItem item) {
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It s often useful for testing purposes to include a static function in a class that tests the class to make sure it does the right thing. In C#, you can write this static test function as a Main() function, which makes automating such tests easy. If the compiler encounters a single Main() function during a compilation, the C# compiler will use it. If more than one Main() function exists, you should specify the class that contains the desired Main() on the command line with the /main:<classname> option. // error using System; class Complex { static int Main() { // test code here Console.WriteLine("Console: Passed"); return(0); } } class Test { public static void Main(string[] args) { foreach (string arg in args) Console.WriteLine(arg); } } Compiling this file with /main:Complex will use the test version of Main(), whereas compiling with /main:Test will use the real version of Main(). Compiling it without either will result in an error.
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This chapter covers two practical topics in SQL Server table partitioning: Strategies for creating partition functions Minimizing data movement Large SQL Server databases can become difficult to manage due to their size. Usually such large databases have only a couple of large tables that account for most of the databases size. Table partitioning is a method for making those large tables easier to manage, and in some cases improving query performance against those large tables. Table partitioning is an involved topic and can quickly become complex; therefore, this chapter is going to have a limited scope. Let s look at table partitioning from a general point of view, and then zero in on the two topics mentioned previously.
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In addition to eliminating redundant notifications, as described in the previous section, there s another way that your object can help the Key-Value Observing framework. For objects that are heavily observed, you can optimize KVO performance by providing a place to store observation information about your object. While KVO can mutate the class of your object using isa swizzling, it can t change its structure or store any new values in it. Instead, KVO keeps an object s observation information in a global collection that must be consulted every time a property is changed. You can reduce this overhead by providing KVO a void *observationInfo property, as shown in Listing 19-6. The Key-Value Observing framework will use this property to store your object s observation information directly in the object.
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User user = session.Get<User>(userID);
Figure 11-1. A three-point angular dimension
access policy of the dataset extension assembly is configured for Full Trust rights, CAS is layered on top of the OS security. For this reason, if you decide to use persisted datasets, make sure you grant the ASP.NET workers process identity at least read permissions to their files.
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