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Most web-based applications require some server-side preprocessing before the page is rendered. For example, it is a common requirement to generate HTML tables on the server side of the application that include clickable hyperlinks to bring the user to another page or report that shows more details. To see how to integrate a report s hyperlinks with a server-side-generated ASP.NET grid, click the Employee Orders link from the main menu of AWReporterWeb. The Salesperson Orders (EmployeeOrders.aspx) page is shown in figure 10.9. The EmployeeOrders.aspx page retrieves the sales order information from the AdventureWorks database using a data reader. The user can click the Details hyperlink to see the order Figure 10.9 Report hyperlinks can details. This action displays the Sales Order be generated on the server side. Details report, which happens to be one of the Reporting Services sample reports. The hyperlink passes the order number from the same grid row as the report parameter. This is accomplished by defining the Details column as a grid template column:
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Notice that the main thread starts and then the other thread starts. Next the main thread joins to the other thread, waiting for its termination. When the other thread terminates the main thread resumes processing, displaying the Joined other thread message and then terminating. Controlling thread priority In chapter 5 we discussed changing a thread s priority. Recall that a thread was assigned a priority from the ThreadPriority enumeration. J# takes a different approach. A thread is assigned a priority from between the MIN_PRIORITY and MAX_PRIORITY constants. Under the current implementation of J#, these map to 1 and 10 respectively. You ll notice that produces ten possible priority settings compared to the five enumeration values in the ThreadPriority class: Lowest, BelowNormal, Normal, AboveNormal, and Highest. Listing 18.6 helps us map J# s ten values to each of the ThreadPriority values. J# S THREAD CLASS 307
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The call to the method LogEvent() of the class AuditLog generates and saves a log about this change. LogType is an enumeration; it s better than using a string. Note that you may use the Observer pattern to remove the dependency on this service; see section 9.3.2 for details about this pattern. The main advantage of this approach is that a better message can be generated for each operation, because you know exactly what you re doing each time you call this service. The disadvantages are that this approach is verbose (it clutters the code) and, more important, can be forgotten or bypassed. This is unacceptable when you re building a trustworthy audit logging service. This approach may work much better for other services; so don t discard it completely.
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Pessimistic concurrency
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Currently, it s not very easy to search for blogs or blog entries about a specific geographic area. Eventually, geotagging will change this. You can see a proof-ofconcept of this idea at geourl.com, a service that indexes web sites by longitude and latitude. If you want to add your web site to the index, you must first add your Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) coordinates to the HTML <head> element of your web page. For example:
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Publishing with Atom
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@interface BBParticle : NSObject { . . BBPoint force; . . } @property (assign) BBPoint force; . .
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Figure 3.6 The default Silverlight installation badge displayed when the user doesn t have the required Silverlight version installed.
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Consumer Connections n/a Search Statistics Displays the search statistics for a search such as the time taken to perform the search Assembly
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Figure 6 70. Select the einstein02.png file from your two choices.
As you can see, the original queryString would no longer be a simple search for a string, but would also execute a stored procedure in the database! One of the main problems here is that the application isn t checking the values passed in from the user interface. Because of this, the quote characters aren t escaped, and users can inject their own SQL. Users may even accidentally crash your application just by putting a single quote in the search string. The golden rule is, Never pass unchecked values from user input to the database! Fortunately, you can easily avoid this problem by using parameters. With parameters, your query may look like this:
Listing 2.6 uses a file named hibernate.cfg.xml to configure NHibernate to access a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database.
Or in the console when running, you ll get this error:
Figure 10 5. Testing the Simple XML scroller
Double-click on the 128x128 box (Thumbnail), select the file that contains your icon (icon_128.tiff), and click the Open button. Icon Composer imports the icon and displays it in the Thumbnail box (see figure 6.16). Repeat this process for each of the other icon sizes, answering Yes if asked to scale the icon. Save this file as CocoaWGet.icns.
[tire setRainHandling: 20 + i]; [tire setSnowHandling: 28 + i];
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