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2. Write a program that reads in and prints a file with the following format: The first line in the file contains a single int. Call it x. All subsequent lines contain a list of x ints separated by tabs. For example, if the first number in the file is 6, all subsequent lines will have six ints per line. There is no limit to the number of lines in the file. Keep reading and printing lines until you hit the end of the file. You can print each int as you encounter it or, for extra credit, allocate an array of ints large enough to hold one line s worth of ints and then pass that array to a function that prints an int array. 3. Modify dvdFiler so memory for the title and comment lines is allocated as the lines are read in. First, you ll need to change the DVDInfo struct declaration as follows:
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int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { int i; char s[ kArraySize ] = "Hello"; printf( "i before it is initialized: %d\n\n", i ); for ( i=0; i<kArraySize; i++ ) printf( "s[ i ]: %d\n", s[ i ] ); return 0; }
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Allows combining multiple constraints into a single logical constraint Allows triggering a custom delegate whenever the method is called
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The += and -= Operators
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The Business Data Catalog tables from within the SQL Shared Services database
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Before attempting to copy, move, delete, or create a hard link to a file Before copying a file Before moving a file Before deleting a file Before creating a hard link After an error copying, moving, deleting, or linking a file After an error copying a file
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Open the Push2AppDelegate.m file, and add the code for this new method:
public class Photograph { // Create a new instance from a file name. // Properties: // - get the file name for the Photograph // - get the Bitmap for the Photograph // Methods: // - see if two Photographs are equal }
Listing 14.7 ColumnGraphRenderCtrl.xaml.cs
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