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Laying out a more complex application
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After the execution of AmazonBookExpressionVisitor.ProcessExpression, our AmazonBookSearch instance has collected all the criteria provided in the LINQ query. At this point, the query has been parsed, but hasn t been executed. No call has been made to Amazon. As usual, we want the execution to happen when we start enumerating the results of the query. This is why we ll make AmazonBookSearch implement IEnumerable<AmazonBook>. Here is how to code the two necessary methods:
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About the Technical Reviewer
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Figure 2 3. Click the indicated icon to open the Classes folder.
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the buttons and labels we will be including in our app. This means that we need a place where the image can reside. In Interface Builder, you can place images on the Image Views. Scroll down in your Library until you see the Image View icon. Drag one onto your View frame, as shown in Figure 4 10.
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CHAPTER 29: Troubleshooting
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What is Objective-C
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- (id)initWithDelegate:(id <SphereNetNetworkControllerDelegate>)delegate { if((self = [self init])) { // assign the delegate _delegate = delegate; // set up the services container _services = [[NSMutableSet alloc] init]; // set up the UDP socket _socket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0);
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If you are writing iPhone applications, then you will have been testing using the iPhone simulator, but you won t have been able to put any of your applications onto a real iPhone or iPod Touch. Likewise, there is no equivalent to the methods you have on Mac OS X for bundling your application into an installation package.
you chose ASP.NET as the operation mode. Currently, Site Stager will not stage an ASP.NET site; however, by the time you read this, Microsoft may have issued a service patch to remedy this problem.
For a SharePoint Web Part developer, two tools are especially important: Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010. The first is used for designing and building Web Parts and the latter for configuring Web Parts, pages, and sites. The rest of this book will cover most of the situations you ll be facing when building Web Parts, and you should have these tools close at hand. Remember that you don t always have to develop your own Web Parts; there are plenty of configurable Web Parts that you can use to create your solutions. But, there are many situations when you need to develop your own custom Web Part to provide a unique functionality that your customer is requesting or to have full control of your application. Developing Web Parts isn t just about writing a piece of code that s injected into a SharePoint environment; you need to know how SharePoint uses the Web Parts and how you leverage SharePoint s features. We ll continue to explore Web Parts in SharePoint and how to make your Web Parts utilize the platform in the best possible way.
CHAPTER 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste and Search
12.3 Annotating for display
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