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Figure 12.11 When the user changes the sort order in the combo, the list is automatically resorted.
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bulletFrameName = @"redcross.png"; shootFrequency = 200; break; case EnemyTypeBoss: frameName = @"monster-c.png"; bulletFrameName = @"blackhole.png"; shootFrequency = 100; break; default: [NSException exceptionWithName:@"EnemyEntity Exception" reason:@"unhandled enemy type" userInfo:nil]; } if ((self = [super initWithSpriteFrameName:frameName])) { // Create the game logic components [self addChild:[StandardMoveComponent node]]; StandardShootComponent* shootComponent = [StandardShootComponent node]; shootComponent.shootFrequency = shootFrequency; shootComponent.bulletFrameName = bulletFrameName; [self addChild:shootComponent]; // enemies start invisible self.visible = NO; [self initSpawnFrequency]; } return self; }
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Figure 2 5. Xcode s Groups & Files pane. The expanded groups contain the project files we ll be looking at.
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Figure 6.14 Output from the cdc.fn_cdc_get_all_changes_Production_Product Change Data Capture function
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return; }
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CHAPTER 15: Working with Files
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Output(ex.getMessage()); } for (int i=0;i<4;i++) { Output("*"); } Output("Exit Second thread"); } }
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The code in Listing 1-1 used another VB 9.0 feature called object initialization expressions:
str lbl dbl int lst cbo btn chk opt frm
The idea of data binding has been around in one form or another for a long time. Arguably, the WPF model is better in many respects, but something that really makes WPF binding shine (sometimes literally) is the ability to create complex templates that control the way data is displayed, based on that data, via data templates. There were some simple examples in the previous chapter, but we re going to get a lot fancier (figure 12.1). While we re about it, we re also going to show some additional binding capabilities such as binding to hierarchical data, doing virtualized binding, and even binding to more than one thing at a time.
Customizing and personalizing pages
If you don t like how ROME parses, generates, or converts newsfeeds, you can override ROME s behavior by providing your own parser, generator, or converter classes. And that raises a question: What s not to like After all, ROME does a great job of parsing all forms of RSS and Atom. Why would you ever want to override its default behavior First, ROME s not perfect. You might find a flaw in ROME and you might want to fix it without downloading and changing the ROME source code. (But don t forget to report the flaw to the ROME developers.) And second, ROME can be too perfect. That s what Nina found to be true. Nina needs a date Remember from chapter 5 that Nina is assigned the task of building a simple newsfeed reader into the FinModler software. Nina wants to include a newsfeed of recent bug fixes in the aggregator she is building into the FinModler software. She wants to display title, date, and description for each bug. Unfortunately, the company s bug-tracking system is old and still uses an RSS 0.91 format newsfeed. In that newsfeed, each bug is represented as an RSS <item>, and each item has a <pubDate> field that carries the bug s date. The problem is, the RSS 0.91 specification does not allow a <pubDate> field, and ROME, which strictly follows the RSS specifications, refuses to pick it up. Nina can t get the bug-tracking software to fix its invalid newsfeed, but she can change ROME.
Notifies the Report Server status
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